Acer is Getting into SFF Gaming with the 4090-Wielding Predator Orion X

    Acer’s , a “compact Juggernaut” took up 18 liters and looked like a tower PC. Today, Acer announced a low-slung SFF desktop PC that packs the most powerful PC parts into a 15.4-liter chassis.

    Acer Predator Orion X is unlike any other desktop that the company has sold. This is not only because it’s a departure from the “this alien will eat your face” look in favor of a more Evangelion-like design. The PC also has three zones, one for each of the major components. You can access these items by pulling the “Zone 02”, “Zone 03” and “Zone 01”, lever-latches on the front.

    You’ll find a liquid-cooled RTX RTX4090, 4080 or 4070 Ti inside the left Zone 02 compartment. It comes with a heatblock, fans that are designed to fit right against the side panel of the case and two 2.5-inch SATA HDD or SSD bays.

    Zone 01, on the right, houses the CPU, the power supply, the motherboard, the DDR5 memory up to 64GB, and the primary SSD up to 2TB. Zone 03 allows you to pop the top of your chassis off and access the 240mm liquid cooling radiator.

    You can buy an optional arm that rotates to hang the headset on the top of the case.

    No, I’m sorry, this is not a handle for carrying.

    You can see it underneath the GPU on the top image. Acer claims the PC is under 20 pounds (9kg), and has Killer E3100G (2.5Gbps) ethernet and Wi-Fi from an Intel AX211. The ports include “two USB3.2 Gen1 Type-C (and one Type A), a combo mic/jack on the front panel, a USB32 Gen2x2 Type C port, three USB32 Gen2 Type A ports, and two USB2.0 at the back.”

    Are you ready for sticker shock? This system begins at 2.999.99 dollars for the POX 650 with an Intel Core i5, 512GB storage, 16GB RAM and a 4070TI with air cooling and an H770 board. The POX-950 comes with an i9-13900KS, a liquid-cooled RTX-4090 and 32GB of RAM and 1TB storage. It also has a Z790 motherboard.

    A 4090 and an i9 can easily cost you more than $2,300 on their own. These are expensive parts. Acer also charges a lot for the rest. It will arrive in North America by September. You’ll have plenty of time for saving.

    Acer is launching two new monitors along with the PC. The Predator X34V is a 34″ curved OLED panel that can run at 3440 x1440 at up to 175Hz. It also comes in a 44.5″ VA panel running at 5120 x1440 at 165Hz.

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