Amazon’s Discount on Kindles, Speakers and Many More During Spring Sales Event

    Amazon has decided to offer a discount on a number of devices that are not related to spring. This is good news for us. The ongoing sale is a great opportunity to grab some of Amazon’s most sought-after items at a fraction the usual list price, especially with Mother’s Day and graduation season just around the corner. This promo applies to the top-of the-line streaming sticks such as the Fire TV Stick4K Max, the Echo Dot and the entry level Kindle. It even includes the Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED. Amazon’s prices are even better matched by retailers like Best Buy.

    We know that not all deals are great, so we have gone ahead and vetted them. We’ve selected the best and organized them by category.

    Amazon’s latest streaming stick is faster and supports Wi-Fi 6. It offers a wide range of streaming apps, as well as an intuitive interface that can be used with Alexa voice commands.

    • Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K max is available for a low $34.99 (or $20 off) at Amazon or Best Buy. The 4K streaming stick is one of our favorites. It has impressive Alexa voice capabilities, which allow you to make very specific requests with the remote. You can also use it with Wi-Fi 6 and a variety of streaming apps.
    • The latest Fire TV Cue, Amazon’s fastest streaming device is now on sale at Amazon (or $15 off). This unique streaming device supports 4K content, and doubles up as a smart speaker with extensive voice capabilities via Amazon Alexa. The device also features a new HDMI input, futureproof Wi-Fi 6E support, and a new HDMI input.

    Amazon’s Fire TV Omni QLED has built-in microphones to allow Alexa commands and low input lag. It also supports two-way video calling. You can also access Netflix, Prime Video and Disney Plus as well as most of the major streaming services.

    • Amazon’s new 65-inch Amazon Fire TV OmniQLED is now on sale at $549.99 ($250 savings) at Amazon and Best Buy. The TV’s predecessor did not display artwork, but it now supports Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10 Plus Adaptive, and full-array local dimming.
    • Amazon is offering a $469.99 discount on older Amazon Fire TV Om models, including the 55 inch model. The 75-inch panel, which supports Dolby Vision HDR and costs $799.99 ($250), is also available at Amazon. They are both compatible with Alexa and support two-way video calling.

    Amazon’s latest Kindle Paperwhite features a 6.8 inch E Ink display and adjustable color temperature for nighttime viewing. It boasts a faster processor and additional battery life.

    • The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is an excellent choice if you are looking for a waterproof e-reader. It has a 6.8 inch high resolution display that is easy on the eyes, as well as a long battery life and USB C support. The e-reader is available for $99.99 (40 percent off) at Amazon or Best Buy. It comes in an ad-supported configuration of 8GB.
    • Amazon’s latest entry level model of the Kindle can also be purchased starting at $79.99 (or $20 off for the ad-supported model) with 16GB storage at Amazon or Best Buy. Although it isn’t waterproof like the Kindle Paperwhite it’s very similar with the same sharp display as well as USB-C support. You can easily carry it in one hand, or slip it into your pocket.

    Amazon’s 2021 Fire HD 10 tablet is the largest. It has a 1080p display, 3GB RAM and can stream, browse, or consume Amazon content.

    • We recommend the Amazon Fire HD10 tablet if you are looking for a budget-friendly option. The tablet’s 10-inch display is the largest of Amazon’s current line-up. It also has the best resolution. The device is available at Amazon, Best Buy starting at $89.99 (60 percent off).
    • Amazon’s 2021 fire HD 10 Plus has an additional gigabyte RAM and wireless charging. It’s also available at Amazon, Best Buy, and you can get the ad-supported model for $119.99 ($60).
    • Although the display on Amazon’s new Fire HD 8 tablet isn’t as sharp, it still makes for an entertaining device with USB-C support. It’s currently available at Amazon or Best Buy for $59.99 (or $40 off).
    • The ad-supported Fire HD8 Plus is on sale at Amazon, Best Buy and for $79.99 ($40). The 2022 slate has 3GB RAM and wireless charging support, unlike the Fire HD 8.

    Echo Dot 5th generation boasts a temperature sensor, better sound and a faster response time than its predecessor. You can use it as an extender to your Eero WiFi system.

    • Amazon’s latest smart speaker, the fifth generation Echo Dot is now on sale for $39.99 ($20 discount) at Amazon. The model without an LED display is also available at Amazon, and Best Buy for $34.99 (a 15% discount). The latest Dot has a temperature sensor, which provides better sound quality than the previous model. You can also use the Dot to increase your Wi-Fi coverage if you are connected to an Eero network.
    • The fourth gen Echo is an older smart speaker that still sounds better than the fourth-gen Echo Dot. The Echo Dot’s fifth-generation Echo Dot has a built-in smart speaker and can be used as an extender for Eero mesh Wi Fi networks. It’s currently available at Amazon or Best Buy for $64.99 (35 percent off).

    The Echo Show 8 smart display is Amazon’s midsize model. It can display news, weather, calendars and grocery lists. It can be used to control smart home devices, view videos and listen to music. It supports video calling through Zoom or Amazon’s Alexa calling services.

    • The second generation Echo Show 8 is our favourite smart display and currently on sale for $74.99 at Amazon or Best Buy. It can perform all standard Alexa-enabled tasks, but also has a 13MP camera that can make Zoom phone calls and an 8-inch screen that makes it easier for you to watch movies and shows.
    • Amazon’s third-gen Echo Show 10 sits on a motorized, rotating base that follows you around during video calls. This week, it’s on sale for $194.99 (55 percent off) at Amazon as well as Best Buy.

    The Echo Show 15 is large wall-mounted device that allows families to share their calendars, notes and other information. This 15.6-inch device supports Amazon’s Fire TV interface and has the same Alexa functionality that other Echo displays or smart speakers.

    • There are also savings on Amazon Echo Show 15. This price is $194.99 (55 percent off) at Amazon and Best Buy. B&H has also reduced the price. You can use the 15.6-inch touchscreen device as a 1080p Fire TV or a shared bulletin board to help family members quickly check their shopping lists and calendars.
    • The second generation Echo Show 5 is a smart display that’s cheaper than its siblings. It can perform many of the same Alexa-enabled tasks and is currently on sale at Amazon, Best Buy and for $39.99 (or 45 percent off). The compact device can be used as an alarm clock and can be snoozed with just a tap.

    The Ring flagship doorbell offers the best video quality, connectivity, and motion detection. Although it works well with Amazon Alexa, it is costly, requires a subscription to most features, and does not offer 24/7 recording.

    • Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 offers the best wired doorbells on the market. It has great motion detection and high-resolution 1536p HD video quality. It’s currently available at Amazon or Best Buy for $174.99 (75 percent off). You will need to pay an additional fee to access Ring features, just like all Amazon video doorbells.
    • The eight-piece second generation Ring Alarm Kit can be purchased for $174.99 at Amazon or Best Buy. It is also available at $249.99 at Amazon . The kit includes everything you need to set up your smart house for the first time. It also includes a motion detector, a base station, and an Eero 6 dual band mesh Wi-Fi router.
    • The RingVideo Doorbell 3 has a 1080p camera with motion detection. You can get it for just $149.99 (or $50 off) from Amazon or Best Buy.
      • The hardwired Ring floodlight cam is on sale at Amazon or Best Buy for $139.99 (60 percent off). It also features two LED floodlights and a 1080p camera that can detect motion. You will need to pay an extra fee for Ring features such as video recording, similar to Amazon’s doorbells.

    Amazon’s second-generation Echo Buds are more comfortable than the originals, have a better ANC and a natural sound mode. They also support hands-free Alexa commands.

    • Amazon’s second generation Echo Buds are on sale for $79.99 ($40) at Amazon. They also have a wired charging case available for $79.99 ($40), making them one of the most affordable earbuds. They are also available with a wireless charging case at Amazon or Best Buy for $99.99 ($40). The Bluetooth earbuds can be controlled by Alexa and offer excellent sound quality, noise cancellation, and passthrough.
    • The Eero Pro 6 can increase your Wi-Fi coverage. It is currently on sale at Amazon for $159.99 (40%) and Best Buy for $159.99. Although the 2020 mesh router is slower and covers less area than older models, it still supports Wi-Fi 6 and can cover up to 2,000 feet.

    Amazon’s Smart Air Quality Monitor boasts a small design, voice alerts and automated triggers. It can turn on purifiers and other Alexa enabled devices. However, it does not have a display and works best when paired with an Echo device.

    • Amazon’s Smart Air Quality Monitor is on sale for $54.99 (or $15 off) at Amazon. You can use it with Alexa-enabled devices such as Echo smart displays to get more information, like high humidity and carbon dioxide levels.
    • The Amazon Smart Thermostat is one of the most advanced thermostats we have ever tested. It can learn and adapt to your lifestyle like more expensive models. The price is $64.99, instead of $79.99 at Amazon or Best Buy.
    • Amazon’s Smart Plug is available for $19.99 (or $5 off) at Amazon. This handy plug can be used to control any indoor outlet with voice, but it is only compatible with Alexa.

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