Apple’s 3rd Gen AirPods at its Best Price of the Year

    Happy Saturday, dear readers! If you didn’t know, Mother’s Day will be next weekend. You have about a month to buy a gift. Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide has a variety of choices, but if you want to make a quick recommendation, Apple’s AirPods is currently on sale at Amazon or Best Buy, for $149.99. This price is nearly equal to their previous best

    Apple’s new earbuds were designed specifically for iPhone users. Third-gen earbuds have automatic device switching and head-tracking audio. They also offer deeper Find My integration compared to the prior model. This allows you to pinpoint their location in case you lose them. The third-gen earbuds sound better, are IPX4 waterproof, and still make great earbuds to use for phone calls, despite the shorter stems.

    Apple’s AirPods are significantly improved in sound and design over their predecessors. The third-generation AirPods have a new design and sound better than their predecessors.

    You owe yourself a PlayStation 5 if you want to take advantage of the PlayStation Plus Collection, a premium feature Sony will eliminate on May 9,. If you are not a PS Plus subscriber, you can receive 12 month of the PS Plus essential tier at Eneba for only $48.49. This is a savings of $12.

    Sony created the PS Plus Collection to showcase the PS5’s backwards compatible console and quickly increase the number of PS5 launch titles. The PS Plus Collection was also a preview of the new PS Plus Extra tiers that would allow PS5 owners access to PS4 games like Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, Resident Evil 7 (2018) and God of War 2018 without spending extra money. Sony has now removed the first perk, so grab all 19 games as soon as you can.

    If you purchase the Essential Plan, these games will always be registered on your account. This is true even if you decide to re-subscribe after your subscription expires. You must first claim these games on a PS5 system. However, you can then play them on your PS4 console.

    PlayStation Plus Essential membership allows PlayStation 4 or PS5 owners to download monthly free titles, utilize cloud backups and benefit from discounts at the PS Store.

    The Google Developer Conference is next week. While we can’t say for sure that Google will announce a pair of wireless headphones during the event, we doubt it. It’s a great time to buy a pair of Google Pixel Buds Pro.

    Google’s premium earbuds for Pixel phones are what Apple AirPods are for iPhones. The earbuds offer a solid sound with multipoint Bluetooth, up to seven-hour battery life, active noise cancellation, a comfortable fit, and some Pixel-specific features. They include easy control via the native settings of your phone and Head-tracking Spatial Audio. The latter allows you to experience virtual surround sound regardless of how your head is oriented. The transparency mode could be improved, but the earbuds are still the best you can get if you own a Pixel.

    Google Pixel Buds Pro is the first pair of earbuds from Google to feature active noise cancellation. The Pixel Buds Pro combine great sound with a long battery life and comfortable earbuds, all without the connectivity issues that plagued earlier models. 

    The iPad Mini is the only iPad that offers a tablet-like experience with a size that makes it perfect for reading . The iPad Mini offers the same price as its previous low ($399.99) on Amazon, Target, in the 64GB Wi-Fi configuration. If you want more storage, you can get the 256GB model at Amazon at $539.99 (110 off). You’ll see this price at checkout.

    It’s a very small iPad air, but that’s fine. It is comfortable to use on your couch or desk for extended periods, making it ideal for reading books, comics, and articles. The Mini can be used as a tablet to do other things. Dedicated eReaders, like Amazon Kindle, may have a slight advantage due to their glare free displays. It’s also a great note-taking device when paired with the second-gen Apple Pencil, which is currently on sale at Amazon for $89 (40 percent off).

    Apple’s redesigned iPad Mini does away with the home button in favor of a larger, edge-to-edge screen. The iPad Mini is also equipped with a faster CPU, USB-C support, and a power button on top that doubles as a touch ID sensor.

    Enjoy a few more weekend discounts

    • We all know that Wi-Fi is often spotty. If you want to extend your wireless network to a smaller area or add an Ethernet jack, the TP-Link RE315 Wi Fi Extender can be purchased at Amazon for just $31.99 (a savings of 18%). This is its lowest price ever.
    • 8Bitdo’s Ultimate C Wireless Controller is now on preorder for $29.99. The Ultimate Controller 2.4G is a stripped-down version that doesn’t allow for customization. It still works on Windows, Android, and Steam Deck, and comes in two pastel colors.
    • Case-Mate’s Fuel Charger still matches its lowest price at Amazon . You can get it in a white frosted finish for $16.60 ($13 off). The portable charger can deliver up to 30 watts via USB-C. It also features a foldable connector that makes it easy to store. But the transparent design is what really sells it (no pun meant).
    • Nomadis offering a selection iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus case at a 20 percent discount through the 1st of June. This means you can now pick up Nomad’s Modern Leather Cases starting at only $32.
    • Silo is a brilliant adaptation Hugh Howey’s novels with the same title. It has now officially arrived on Apple TV Plus. Best Buy offers a free three-month subscription to Apple’s premium streaming services for both new and existing subscribers. You just need to follow the instructions provided after your purchase.

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