Bing, Bard, and ChatGPT AI Chatbots to Rewrite the Internet

    With its Bing AI (and Copilot), Microsoft, Google, and OpenAI with ChatGPT-4 make AI chatbot technology previously reserved for test labs more accessible to the public.

    We’ve tested each chatbot head-to-head to determine which one is the best or which one provides us with the most timely answers to urgent questions such as “How do you install RAM into your PC?”

    How does the Large Language Model (LLM), programs work? OpenAI’s HTMLPT-3 explained to us how these Large Language Model (LLM) programs work. These programs use “a series autocomplete-like programs” to learn language and “make educated guesses” based on what you’ve written previously.

    Or as James Vincent said, “These AI tools, which are vast autocomplete machines, trained to predict the word that follows in each sentence.” They don’t have a hard-coded list of ‘facts’ they can draw from, but only the ability to make plausible statements. They are prone to present false information as truth, since the fact that a sentence sounds plausible doesn’t guarantee its truth.

    There are many pieces to the AI landscape, and there will be problems.

    Adrian Aoun, an ex-Google director of special projects, stated that “It is important that Google begin to play in the space because this is where it is heading.” However, the shift to chatbots may help end a business model that relies on advertising, according to Mr. Aoun who is the chief executive at Forward, a health care startup.

    OpenAI’s ChatGPT was released in November. It is an online chatbot that can answer your questions, create term papers, and give you advice on any topic. Microsoft, the primary investor of the company and its partner, added a similar chatbot to its Bing internet searching engine two months later. This demonstrated how the technology can shift the market that Google has dominated over the past 20 years.

    Google is racing to ship A.I. Since December, Google has been racing to ship A.I. In response to ChatGPT’s announcement, it declared a ” Code Red”. The company’s top priority. It prompted teams within the company, including researchers who are experts in the safety of A.I. to work together to accelerate the approval of a new wave of products.

    Industry experts wonder how fast Google can create new A.I. technology, especially given the rapid release of OpenAI and Microsoft tools.

    Chirag Dekate is an analyst at Gartner’s technology research firm Gartner. He said, “We are at one moment.” ChatGPT inspired start-ups and created more competition between Microsoft and Google, he stated.

    OpenAI attempted to raise the bar with newer technology, called GPT-4. This will allow other businesses build the same kind of artificial intelligence as ChatGPT into a variety products including software for business and e-commerce websites.Google has been using the technology under Bard since 2015. However, the technology has not yet been released to anyone beyond a few early testers. This is similar to the Microsoft and OpenAI chatbots. It does not always produce trustworthy information. Can be biased against people of color and women .

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