ChatGPT – Detailed Guide About the AI-Powered Chatbot

    ChatGPT is OpenAI’s text-generating AI platform. It can write code, essays, and much more with just a few text prompts. This allows it to hyper-charge productivity. It also has a more… evil side.

    The tech isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it has grown dramatically in the past few months. It is being used by major brands to generate marketing copy and ads, as well as some advertising campaigns.

    OpenAI is investing heavily in it. ChatGPT was just supercharged by GPT-4 the most recent language-writing model developed at OpenAI’s labs. ChatGPT users who pay for ChatGPT have access to GPT-4. This model can write fluently and more naturally than the one that powered ChatGPT.

    Below is a list of ChatGPT product releases and updates. This timeline will be updated frequently. You can also find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

    Timeline for the most recent ChatGPT updates

    March 23, 2023

    OpenAI connects ChatGPT with the internet

    OpenAI has launched plugins for ChatGPT. These plugins extend the bots functionality by giving it access to third party knowledge structures and databases, including on the web. OpenAI has made its plugins available in beta to ChatGPT users, developers on the waitlist. It says it will initially prioritize a few developers and subscribers to its premium ChatGPT Plus plans before rolling out more extensive API access.

    March 14, 2023

    OpenAI launches GPT-4. Available through ChatGPT Plus

    GPT-4, an OpenAI model that can understand text and images, is powerful. GPT-4 was released March 14th for ChatGPT Plus subscribers and via a public API. To access the API, developers can sign up for a waitlist.

    March 9, 2023

    ChatGPT can be accessed in Azure OpenAI service

    ChatGPT can be accessed through Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service. This is Microsoft’s corporate-focused, fully managed offering. Customers who are already “Microsoft managed customers or partners” may apply for special access.

    March 1, 2023

    OpenAI launches ChatGPT API

    OpenAI launches a paid API to ChatGPT. This is another step towards monetization. Its initial customers include Instacart and Snap (Snapchat’s parent company), as well as Quizlet.

    February 7, 2023

    Microsoft launches the brand new Bing with ChatGPT built into

    Microsoft unveiled its long-rumored integration with OpenAI’s GPT-4 models into Bing at a Redmond, Washington press conference. This will provide a ChatGPT experience within Bing. This announcement led to a 10x rise in global new downloads of Bing, which indicates a significant consumer demand for AI experiences.

    ChatGPT was also implemented by other companies than Microsoft, such as OkCupid and Kaito, Snapchat, Discord, and Snapchat — increasing pressure on Big Tech’s AI efforts like Google.

    February 1, 2023

    OpenAI launches ChatGPTPlus, starting at $20/month

    OpenAI launched ChatGPT Plus as a pilot subscription plan. It aims to monetize its technology, starting at $20 per monthly.

    December 8, 2022

    ShareGPT allows you to easily share your ChatGPT conversations

    Two developers, Dom Eccleston and Steven Tey, created a Chrome extension called ShareGPT a week after ChatGPT was released to the wild . This extension makes it easier to share and capture the answers from the AI with the rest of the world.

    November 30, 2022

    ChatGPT was first released to the public by OpenAI, who quietly released GPT 3.5.

    GPT3.5 was the first to cover ChatGPT. This is a fine-tuned, general-purpose version of GPT3.5. ChatGPT is able to engage with a variety of topics including programming and scientific concepts.

    All writers rolled their eyes at this new technology, just like artists did with OpenAI’s DALL-E model . However, the latest chat-style version seems to have increased’s appeal and audience.

    ChatGPT FAQ

    What is ChatGPT?

    ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot that generates text from prompts.

    ChatGPT was released when?

    ChatGPT was launched for public use on November 30, 2022.

    ChatGPT is it free?

    ChatGPT is available for free, but you will need to sign in to access the paid ChatGPT Plus.

    ChatGPT: Who uses it?

    ChatGPT is available to anyone! ChatGPT is being used by more and more companies in tech and search engines to automate text and quickly answer users’ questions and concerns.

    Can ChatGPT write essays?


    ChatGPT has an app

    Although there is no app for Android or iPhone, users can enable chatbots on their smartphones via their browsers or third-party apps that use ChatGPT’s API.

    What is the ChatGPT character limit

    ChatGPT does not have a character limit. This is something that isn’t documented anywhere. Users have reported that ChatGPT has character limits after 500 words.

    ChatGPT has an API

    It was released March 1, 20,23.

    What are some examples of ChatGPT uses every day?

    Programming, scripts and email replies are all examples of everyday programming.

    What advanced uses can ChatGPT have?

    Examples of advanced use include programming languages, debugging code and scientific concepts.

    ChatGPT is very good at writing code.

    It all depends on the nature and purpose of the program. ChatGPT is capable of writing Python code that works, but it cannot program entire apps’ worth of code. ChatGPT doesn’t have context awareness, so the code generated isn’t always appropriate to the context in which it’s being applied.

    Can you save ChatGPT chats?

    Yes. OpenAI allows users save chats in ChatGPT interface. These chats are stored in the sidebar. There are not yet any sharing options.

    What are the alternatives to ChatGPT

    Yes. Yes. There are many AI-powered chatbot rivals such as Together, Google Bard, Anthropic’s Claude and Anthropic’s Claude. Developers are also creating open-source alternatives. However, these chatbots are difficult to use today.

    What have been the controversies surrounding ChatGPT? (mention Red Ventures, etc.)

    CNET was in hot water after Futurism reported that the publication was publishing articles with a mysterious byline entirely generated by AI. Red Ventures, a private equity firm that owns CNET was accused using ChatGPT to do SEO farming.

    ChatGPT has been banned from several major schools and colleges, which includes New York City Public Schools. They claim that AI hinders learning by encouraging plagiarism and misinformation. Not all educators agree with.

    Where can I find examples for ChatGPT prompts

    ChatGPT prompts can be hosted and provided by a variety of marketplaces. One of these is PromptBase. Another is chatX. Every day, more launches.

    Is ChatGPT possible to detect?

    Poorly. Although several tools claim to detect ChatGPT generated text, our tests show that they are inconsistent at best.

    ChatGPT chats are public?

    No. No.

    Who is the owner of the copyright to ChatGPT-created media or content?

    ChatGPT’s user is the owner of the copyright.

    What are the lawsuits surrounding ChatGPT

    None of these specifically target ChatGPT. OpenAI is involved at least in one lawsuit that could have implications for AI systems that are trained using publicly available data. This would include ChatGPT.

    Is there any problem with ChatGPT’s plagiarism?

    Yes. Yes. Text-generating AI models such as ChatGPT tend to regurgitate content from training data.

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