ChatGPT’s AI to Power Chegg Study Buddy as Educators Fights with Tech

    Chegg Inc , the company that owns ChatGPT (the homework-drafting chatbot some schools have banned), is bringing artificial intelligence to more students.

    According to Reuters, the CEO of U.S. educational computer software company, Dan Rosensweig, has merged its corpus with GPT-4, a chatbot AI model, to create CheggMate. This is a study aid tailored for students.

    He said, “It is a tutor that you can carry around with you,” before the announcement of CheggMate.

    Rosensweig explained that the software will be able to adapt to each student by processing information about their classes and exams they have failed. It will personalize practice tests and guide study in a manner generalist programs such as ChatGPT can’t. Chegg announced that the software will be free to download next month.

    As educators grapple with the consequences of AI, this release will expand what students do. The launch of ChatGPT last year led to students submitting assignments that were written by the chatbot. This allowed some to bypass coursework, and forced faculty to verify their integrity.

    Reuters reported that the Los Angeles Unified District had blocked ChatGPT from its devices and network pending further analysis. Meanwhile, institutions like France’s Sciences Po have banned it due to concerns it was plagiarizing sources. Some teachers, however, have encouraged the use of ChatGPT for critique or other purposes if it is disclosed.

    Rosensweig stated that Chegg is focused on math and science, not essay writing which has been a challenge for schools. Teachers can also restrict the review of questions from current exams.

    AI models still have a hard time predicting what they will say next, without having a good grasp of the facts. Rosensweig stated that Chegg’s answers are structured and verified to ensure accuracy.

    When asked if AI would cause Chegg to reduce its pool of 150,000 experts who contribute to its content, he replied that the company already balances human and technology. CheggMate will likely decrease its content costs and increase profitability in the future, he said.

    In recent months, analysts have questioned if Chegg’s 8 million subscribers can be increased as students adopt the free ChatGPT software created by OpenAI. Chegg stock fell 28% in the past year, as of Friday. Its market cap is now $2.3 billion.

    In a press release issued on Monday, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman stated that the startup was eager to partner with Chegg in order to “improve how people learn around the globe.”

    Rosensweig stated that Chegg’s proprietary information showed its relevance. He said, “That’s the reason they work with us.”

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