Complete Rumors on Google’s Upcoming Pixel Hardware

    Google’s Hardware division has earned a reputation for being one of the most leaky in the industry, with many past devices finding their way into bloggers hands before their official announcements. This year, the Pixel 7A is the cheaper variant of the Pixel 7. Google has not yet acknowledged that this device exists.

    Google has announced a number of devices this year, but not all are expected to be as impressive. We’ve seen a lot of renders, and we’ve heard a lot of rumors, but nobody has actually been able to hold the device. Yet.

    Google, on the other hand, has been able to pre-announce its Pixel Tablet at least one year before it is officially released.

    Here is a list of the most important rumors surrounding Google’s future devices in 2023, including the Pixel 7A foldable device, Pixel Tablet and the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro flagships.

    Pixels with a refined design and some extra power

    We’re bound to see real-world leaks in the second half of the year. For now, we can only rely on codenames, data mining information, and a few renderings. This gives us an idea of what Google is working on.

    The phones of this year have two codenames, Husky and Shiba. According to leaked information, Husky appears to be the Pixel 8 Pro with a resolution of 2822x1344p, while Shiba, the smaller Pixel 8, has a resolution of 2268x1080p. Both phones are smaller than the Pixel 7 models. This could indicate a new design and for a smaller Pixel 8 offering. More on that later.

    Google Tensor G3 has been in testing. Google’s third generation custom chipset, codenamed Zuma is said to be based upon the yet-to-be announced Samsung Exynos processor. The 3nm node is based on Samsung, and developer Kuba wojciechowski claims that it should be comparable with TSMC. Qualcomm and Apple currently rely on this foundry. The current Google Tensor g2 is a 5nm chipet. This could increase efficiency and performance.

    In March, the first look at the Pixel 8 Pro design was revealed. Google hasn’t changed the game in this case, which isn’t surprising. OnLeaks’ renders show a device which looks like a slightly altered Pixel 7 Pro. Three changes are visible, all of which point to a minor update.

    The new camera bar is the most notable change. The camera lenses are now spread across the entire device. This gives each sensor more space, and could help to prevent the shattering problem we saw on the S23 Ultra last year. The corners are rounded and more like those of a Galaxy S23+, rather than the squared corners on the S23 Ultra. Google finally gave the Pro a flat display of 6.7″, matching that on their smaller devices. I’ll be the first one to thank Google.

    OnLeaks and MySmartPrice have teamed up to provide us with renders of the Pixel 8 regular. The Pixel 8 looks similar to the Pixel 6, which was refined in the Pixel 7 model. However, it is obvious that the Pixel 8 looks a bit smaller. The Pixel 8 is a smaller device than its predecessor. It measures 150.5 x 70.8, x 8.9mm or 12mm thick with the camera array. The Pixel 7 measured 155.6 x 73.2 and 8.7 mm. The display is only a little smaller at 6.16″, putting it in the same league as Samsung Galaxy S23.

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