Detailed Guide To Restart Apple Watch

    Simply power down the device and then turn it on to restart Apple Watch. Refurbished watches are the same.

    How to Restart Apple Watch

    It is important to understand the reasons behind an Apple Watch not charging. Apple Watch owners complain that their device won’t charge despite having a working power source and charging device. These common problems could be caused by internal or external issues. Users may experience random problems, so a frequent restart is the best option. Many people get confused Is the Apple watch waterproof? Most users do a weekly restart.

    To restart Apple Watch, press and hold the side button and digital crown for approximately ten seconds. The Apple logo will then appear on the screen.

    The Apple Watch may need to be restarted, as we mentioned previously. Restarting the Apple Watch is an easy way to fix any problems that are frequent or lagging.

    • If your Apple Watch charges, turn off the charger. If your Apple Watch charges, you cannot restart it.
    • After taking off the charger, press the oval-shaped side button next to Digital Crown and hold it until the power icon flashes in the upper-right corner of the display.
    • Now tap the power button icon
    • Sideways, swipe the Power Off option

    These are the steps to restart Apple Watch with watchOS 8 (or an earlier version).

    • As mentioned above, follow the first step
    • Hold the side button down until the Power Off slider option is displayed.
    • Drag the Power Off option to one side

    Both cases require that the Apple Watch be turned off. To see the Apple Logo on the screen, hold down the side button for at minimum ten seconds.

    How to Force Apple Watch To Restart

    Many people search for ways to restart Apple Watch. Sometimes, Apple Watch freezes or becomes stuck at the Apple logo. This could be caused by incorrect settings or internal software. This could also occur due to mismatched time zones or connection module problems. The Apple Watch will often stay on the Apple logo for an indefinite amount of time or power off after a while.

    In such situations, Apple Watch might need to be restarted.

    Here are the steps to force restart your Apple Watch

    • You must press the side button and Digital Crown simultaneously. If you only have one button, restarting will not work.
    • Hold the buttons down for approximately ten seconds, then wait until the screen turns black.
    • Wait until the Apple Logo appears on the black screen. This means your Apple Watch has completed the last stage of restarting. Reset the buttons.

    After the process is completed, the Apple Watch will be turned back on in less than a minute.

    Avoid force restart if you’re updating watchOS. After you have seen the Apple logo and progress wheel on your device, charge it until you are done updating.

    What do I do if my Apple Watch won’t force a restart?

    If you are unsure how to restart Apple Watch, or have tried unsuccessfully, the last option is to either reset it or repair it. The factory settings can be reset on Apple Watch with or without your iPhone and password. You can reset the factory settings on your Apple Watch with or without your iPhone and password.

    Apple Support and authorized Apple service providers can be reached by phone or email. Before factory reset, make sure to have a backup copy of all your data (which automatically happens if you use Mac OS or iCloud with iPhone).


    Some Apple Watch users also reported that their display became completely unresponsive after touching it several times. You should know how to reset Apple Watch. This can occur if the watch is not powered on or has insufficient power.

    Many users ask for help if their Apple Watch isn’t connecting to their iPhone. You will need to make sure Bluetooth and Wi-Fi have been turned on and Airplane mode has been turned off on your iPhone. Open Control Center and check the Airplane Mode icon in the Apple Watch screen. Turn it off if it is on.

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