Few Must Have AI Tools to Increase Business Success

    Since the release of OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT, there has been a flood of AI tools. ChatGPT has dominated debates about AI’s practical use cases. However, it is only a small part of the AI technologies available. Every week, hundreds of new tools are added to the spectrum.

    Businesses can now optimise their services in a variety of ways, thanks to the rapid advancements in AI technology. There is an AI tool to suit every need, whether it’s for enhancing productivity, creating a sales presentation, or simply generating creatives and ad campaigns. Some AI tools are useful for tracking and enhancing productivity while others are better used to boost creativity.

    Take a look at the latest AI tools making waves on the Internet.


    This tool is great for automating your data collection without any code. This tool allows users to collect data without having to scrape the Internet. The user only needs to enter the URL and select what they want to extract. The company claims that its AI scrapers are able to collect accurate data using advanced algorithms. It allows you to customize your data collection preferences, saving a lot of time.

    Marketing Copilot

    For any business, consistency is essential to reach its audience at the appropriate time. To ensure that messages are clear and consistent, business owners need to create a content plan. Twitter is a popular platform for consumers to search for products and services. Users can describe their content style, and Marketing Copilot will generate a list with 60 tweets that are personalised. The user only needs to describe the topics they want to discuss and their Twitter style. Users can also save their content plans using the AI tools.

    Glass A

    Glass AI will likely make waves in the healthcare sector. Glass AI, according to its makers, is currently a tool that is meant for a professional audience and is not intended as a search engine for the general public. The tool is designed to create a clinical plan within seconds after the user enters a diagnostic issue.


    The tool allows users to create their web-based augmented realities without needing to know any coding. Users can create AR games, face filters, virtual try-ons and other features using the platform. Vossle offers plugins for WordPress, Magento and other platforms on its official website.


    Everyone seems to be jumping on the AI bandwagon, from text to video. Decoherence is a great tool to help you create AI music videos. The tool is a ‘fast, intuitive, and easy’ way to create videos. The platforms also allow users to experiment with audio-reactive features. Users can choose from a variety of AI styles, audio-reactive effects and starting images.


    Research and analysis of competitors is vital to any business’s growth. Consensus, an AI-powered tool for searching scientific research papers, extracts results almost instantly. Users can ask questions on the search page and then it will provide conclusions based upon aggregate research findings. The portal provides quick and accurate analysis, as well as scientific results. It does not yet have ads.

    Casper AI

    It is a super-efficient tool which allows users to simplify their workflows by providing summaries of article, creating content and sharing insights with stakeholders. This extension is for the Google Chrome web browser. Casper AI, according to its makers, uses the latest models from OpenAI’s GPT series. After installing the extension, users need only click the Casper icon on the article’s page. The extension offers a summary. Users can ask the AI tool for a summary that even five-year-olds can understand.


    This is an AI-powered app builder. The user only needs to describe the app they want to create and the tool will generate the code. The tool’s makers claim it will generate a responsive interface from the user description, and also allow for easy customizations through its no-code editor. Users can add features to the app by listing the functions they want to see. The tool will then deploy these.


    Audio recordings make life easier. What about audio that’s barely audible or of poor quality? AI-coustics, an AI tool, will automatically optimize audio by cleaning up the audio. The company claims to use AI speech enhancement technology backed by advanced algorithmic techniques that help improve the clarity and quality spoken words.

    Stock Image.AI

    It’s a fun AI-generated image tool that allows users to experiment with their creative side. Users can create high-quality images which are editable almost instantly. The tool is a versatile tool that can be used to create wallpaper, book covers, posters, or stock images. The tool allows users to generate images using text prompts, and then edit them according to their preferences.

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