Few Reasons Why The Laptop Shuts Off Randomly and How to Fix It

    The truth is, however, that the computer is a much greater marvel than most people realize. The computer has a self-protecting mechanism built in that turns off any components that get too hot. It is usually in your best interests to shut it down. This is likely to protect your computer against possible damage.

    8 Reasons Why Your Laptop Shuts Off Suddenly

    My computer shut down randomly when I was in an emergency situation. Although the solutions for a computer might not apply to a laptop like thermal paste, the fundamental issues are the same. Due to its smaller size and compact structure, laptops are more susceptible to heat-related problems.

    Since over two decades, PC Products by Oiolo have helped people solve problems with their computers.

    We examine the most common causes of computer shutdown issues and offer steps to help you find the best solution.

    1. Overheating/dirty fan

    Overheating is the main reason why your laptop or computer shuts down randomly. This is especially true if you are playing a video game. Overheating is a major problem for laptops and computers. The heat has no place to go. To avoid this problem, it is important that your computer’s fans work well.

    This is a very important and common issue. Most computers have an integrated mechanism that will turn off your computer if any components get too hot. This is your digital fairy godmother, protecting your expensive electronic gadget.

    To solve this problem, you need to identify the cause. A dirty or damaged fan is most likely to be the culprit. Pay attention to the fan noises to determine if they are making a squealing sound. If they are, it is likely that one of them has broken.

    If your computer randomly shuts down, check the fan and case fans, as well as the processor fan. Clean the components. You can get them covered in dust, hair, or other gross residue that makes cooling the computer difficult.

    You should also check the vents on your laptop to make sure there are no obstructions. However, it may be difficult to do this yourself. You can also monitor your internal temperature to resolve the problem.

    What can you do to cool your laptop down?

    To ensure optimal performance and thermal levels, you can stop high CPU use and fix memory issues.

    This problem can occur when you use your laptop for video processing, gaming, or any other intense applications. You might consider getting an external graphics card and a cooling pad for the laptop to lower the temperature.

    2. Hardware Failure

    A hardware component failure is another common reason your computer will shut down randomly. This is especially true for computers that have recently been refurbished. It is a good idea to take out any hardware you have recently purchased to check if the problem goes away.

    It is easier to check for hardware problems by going to the Device Manager to see if any errors are reported. If there is a highlighted hardware error, it would be a good place to start to look for a solution.

    Hardware issues can cause a laptop to randomly shut down. This includes damage to internal components. It is important to check all internal components for proper connections and hardware integrity. It’s difficult to check a laptop by yourself so we recommend having it done at a service centre.

    3. Overclocked CPU or GPU

    Your computer may become unstable if overclocking is enabled. This could happen when your computer is used for high-end activities such as gaming and video processing. This issue can be difficult to diagnose.

    You can try to disable overclocking on your computer or laptop and see if it stops the laptop from randomly turning off incidents.

    4. Drivers for out-of-date, missing or crashy devices

    Often, the driver that is accompanying a hardware component that causes problems is the culprit. All sorts of problems can be caused by incompatible drivers. This can also be problematic if you have modified your operating system or changed drivers on your computer. A driver crash can cause a computer to shut down completely

    Common display drivers are the AMD Catalyst Suite and AMD display drivers. However, there are many other drivers that can cause crashes. Most likely, you have seen the Blue Screen of Death in Windows. This forces you to restart your computer.

    If you suspect that it’s a driver problem, I recommend that you read our Windows device driver guide to help you identify the driver and how to fix it.

    5. Computer virus

    Computer viruses are a more common cause of computers randomly shutting down. Computer viruses can cause your computer to shut down and then restart.

    These viruses can be activated by certain actions you make on your computer, such as opening a program or keystrokes. You can protect yourself against viruses by running Malwarebytes or another great background anti-virus software. Also, ensure that your computer is regularly scanned and updated with the virus definitions.

    6. Faulty Battery, Charger or Power Supply

    If your computer suddenly shuts down while you are playing a video game, it could be your charger/power supply.

    Many devices have specific charger ratings that can be used with them. Your device may not function properly if you use a lower voltage adapter or a higher current adapter.

    Gaming is one of the most resource-intensive things you can do on your laptop. This is especially true when your fans are running at maximum speed. Gaming can also result in a high utilization rate of the GPU and CPU, and this could also be reflected in the above-mentioned overclocking scenario. This could be the reason your laptop is constantly shutting down when you play games.

    The power supply can cause similar problems for PCs. A damaged power supply can cause similar problems for PCs.

    7. Windows Fast Startup Enabled

    Fast Startup is designed to speed up the computer’s boot time after it has been shutdown. However, it can also cause random shutdown issues in Windows 10. This feature will enable Windows to close all applications and log off users as it would for a normal shutdown.

    The current system state is saved to the hibernation folder before the shutdown completes. Windows does not need to load drivers, kernel files or system files again when it boots up. Windows uses the hibernation file for refreshing the RAM, significantly reducing boot time.

    This feature speeds up the booting process but can also cause instability in your system. It could lead to many issues or even cause your laptop to turn off randomly. These problems can be experienced on devices that don’t support hibernation or sleep mode.

    Steps to disable Windows 10’s Fast Startup

    Go to the Panel > Power Options.

    Next, choose Select the power button that is located on the left side the current window.

    This feature must be disabled in the settings. However, it is not possible due to admin privileges. Click To disable fast startup click.

    Untick the box to enable fast startup (recommended). Click on Save changes.

    Fast Startup can be turned off to eliminate random computer shutdowns.

    8. Service Deficit

    Computers are generally sturdy but they can sometimes need proper maintenance. Laptops can experience overheating, battery and performance problems if they are not serviced regularly.

    To resolve most issues with your laptop, including problems such as slow startup or shutting down, get it serviced by a professional. You can save money by buying used parts if you need to replace any hardware components.

    What to do if your computer keeps shutting down?

    I hope you find the solution to your problem by visiting the service center. If you don’t wish to visit the service center, there are other options. Many well-known companies offer forums and communities where you can get help.

    To get more details, you will need to explore more and share more information about the computer, hardware specifications and settings. These groups are often very helpful and may be able help you identify the problem and share the solution.

    It might be worth looking into the causes of your computer’s shutdown. Software like System Mechanic Pro or System Mechanic Ultimate Defense may be helpful. They fix problems and optimize your computer’s speed, recover files, protect you from malware and viruses, and more. is currently on sale at 70% off Since over two decades, these products from iolo have helped people solve problems with their computers.

    Last Thoughts

    We all expect consistent, reliable performance from our computers. We hope these solutions can resolve your shutdown problems and restore the stability you have come to rely on from your computer.

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