Few Ways to Power up the Gaming on PS5

    You’ll enjoy playing games on your PlayStation 5 more than you will digging through configuration options and menus. But if you take the time to get these settings right, you’ll see a difference in your gameplay.

    There are many options to help you manage your PS5’s visual features, including how to avoid spoilers and how to control notifications. Settings contains all these options. Start by clicking the cog icon at the top-right corner of your PS5 home screen.

    Conserve power for the controller battery

    You can set the DualSense wireless controller to turn off automatically after a certain amount inactivity if you want to extend the time between recharges.

    • Select System > Energy Saving > Time until controllers turn off
    • Choose from 10 minutes, 30 or 60 minutes. The default setting is to have the controllers not turn off at all.

    You can choose between resolution and performance

    There are two options for the PS5: Resolution Mode or Performance Mode. The latter will give you a higher frame rate, while the former will increase the graphics quality.

    This means that games look better in Resolution Mode, where all visual flourishes have been turned on. Performance Mode makes games look smoother as more frames can be created in a shorter time and without any enhancements. The game’s complexity will determine the differences.

    • You can choose between the two modes by going to Saved data and Game/App Settings > Game Sets > Performance Mode > Resolution Mode.
    • With the Game default option, you can let each game decide for itself.

    Choose between Resolution Mode or Performance Mode.

    Configure capture settings

    You have the option to choose what quality you want your PS5 images and gameplay clips saved in.

    • Head to Captures & Broadcasts > Captures.
    • To set the resolution, file type, and HDR settings for your screenshots or video clips, visit Screenshot Format or Videoclip Format
    • You can stream your gameplay online via Broadcasts.

    Manage your notifications

    It’s important to not have too many notifications on your PS5 while you are playing — especially if you are trying to beat the boss or get a new high score.

    You can modify the length of pop-up notifications by going to Settings and choosing Notifications. This will allow you to change whether they are accompanied with sound or a preview of their contents. If you wish, you can disable pop-up notifications entirely.

    You can also set which events trigger notifications and which do not, such as downloads or messages. You can hide alerts in broadcasts, videos, and gameplay.Get more control over your PS5’s notifications

    Avoid spoilers

    While it’s impossible to protect yourself from spoilers, your PS5 can help you when it comes down to games.

    • Head to Game/App Settings and Saved data > Spoiler Warnings .
    • You can now turn on warnings. These will be displayed whenever someone attempts to share a screenshot of you playing a game that you haven’t yet.
    • Game developers can mark screen shots as potentially spoiler-y.

    Configure your controller

    You don’t need to accept the default DualSense wireless settings that were given out with the box.

    • Go to Accessories > Controller (General).
    • You can adjust the intensity of the trigger and vibration effects, press and hold delay, volume and brightness of the controller indicators, as well as the press and release delay.

    You can change who can reach you

    You should review your privacy settings on every device that you have, including the PlayStation 5. You can also go to Settings.

    • You can limit the data that is sent to Sony by opening Accounts and Users > Privacy. You can also disable targeted advertising and other options.
    • Select View and Modify Your Privacy Settings. There are many options to make yourself less visible to others through the PlayStation platform. For example, you can limit who can find and friend you in search results.
    • You can also block other people from seeing your online status and gaming history.

    Be careful not to share more than you wish.

    Enable voice commands

    Sony has been using voice command on the PS5 in the UK and US. Although it’s still in preview it allows you to perform certain actions, such as controlling media playback and launching games with your voice.

    • Go to Voice command (Preview) to enable this feature.
    • You will need the trigger phrase “Hey PlayStation” to activate the console. Additionally, you can adjust the volume and speed of the speech that is returned from the console.
    • The majority of voice commands that you will need are simple, such as “Pause” and “Open …”,” followed by the name for a specific game. You can find more information from Sony about this feature and its operation .

    Adjust the Variable Refresh Rate

    As long as your PS5 is connected to a TV with the feature, it can adjust the game’s refresh rate automatically for smooth performance. (Check its specifications list to confirm).

    • Screen > Video Output > Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) can be activated.
    • It can be enabled for games that do not support it explicitly (although the quality of the results might vary).

    How hard do you want your games?

    Choose your preferred difficulty

    Many games offer a way to choose how difficult you find the game. There is a master setting in the PS5 menus.

    • Open Saved data and Game/App Settings> Game Presets> Difficulty.
    • Now you can choose from Easiest to Hardest, Normal, Easy, Hardest, Hardest, Game Default, or Hardest.

    While you can make adjustments in individual games, this will set a default so that you can quickly start playing at the difficulty level you prefer. This feature will only work with titles that support it.

    Increase the text size

    You can adjust the font size and style to make it easier for you to read the information displayed on the PS5 interface.

    • To see all options, select Accessibility > Show > Text Size
    • You can also find a Bold setting just below.

    You should note that all games should have the same layout. Text should also be easy to read.

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