Google TV Live Guide is Getting Jammed Over 800 Free Channels

    FAST (free, ad-supported streaming TV) channels are becoming increasingly common and popular. They offer a combination of familiar reruns as well as local news updates at no cost. A slew will be included in almost every modern smart TV. Amazon Fire TV and Roku are big supporters. Google is now doubling down on linear FAST content.

    The company’s Google TV platform in the United States is now adding tons of FAST channels. These channels will start appearing on your TV, Chromecast, or any other device that supports the software over the coming weeks.

    Google TV already provided FAST content from Pluto TV. But it is now expanding to include channels of Tubi, Plex and Haystack News. Google TV has added FAST channels to its platform that can be streamed from any device without having to open an app. Google TV has its own FAST channels, which can be streamed immediately.

    Google claims that this gives you access to “over 800 TV channels from multiple providers in one location.” In some cases, however, you will still need to download and open these apps in order to view the channels.

    Google also stated that it plans to bring the “new TV guide and free channels” to eligible Android TV devices in the future. This is a clear sign of its seriousness about pushing FAST. It could also be available on Android TV-based hardware such as Nvidia Shield TVs or other Android TV-based devices.

    FAST programming is a great option for those who don’t want to pay any type of subscription service for live TV. It can fill in the time when you are tired of Netflix, HBO Max or any other major streamer.

    However, if you subscribe to YouTube TV, Sling TV or another service already integrated with Google TV’s live guide, the avalanche might seem overwhelming. Google says that it’s impossible to hide FAST content. However, live TV channels you subscribed to will be displayed at the top of this guide.

    For faster access to your favorites networks, you can save them to the top of this guide. This will make it much easier to scroll through the dozens and dozens linear channels that have shows that you have never seen before. Friends, sometimes this is part of the FAST experience. They are organized in categories that make it easier to navigate.

    After Google made other improvements to Google TV’s interface mainly focused on the homescreen, the tab has been expanded. The redesign saw “Movies and “Shows”, which were previously located in the main navigation bar, moved to the “For You” tab. Google had already simplified the live guide and cleaned up the library.

    As someone who tends to stream the same streaming heavyweights, I am increasingly curious about FAST and would love to hear from those who use it often.

    Which FAST channel is your favorite? Are there hidden gems worth the advertising? A few weeks back, I rewatched some MacGyver reruns on a channel that I have forgotten. It was a hit, and I also know Samsung has its super-soothing Bob Ross channel. But, I need the complete rundown of what I find worth my time. I have over 800 channels with random content within arm’s reach every evening. Please comment.

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