How Can You Enable And Use Google Drive Offline

    You thought that Google Drive files could only be accessed via an internet connection because the default access method is online. It will surprise you to learn that you can also access your files offline. You can view and edit your files offline by enabling Google Drive. To enable offline mode, you need to have internet access and an Edge or Chrome browser.

    Installing the Google Docs Offline extension is the first step to offline viewing. This extension may already be installed on your computer. Private browsing is not allowed while you enable offline viewing. These files will need to be stored on your device. Google Drive movies can be downloaded and viewed offline by you.

    How to Enable Google Drive Offline

    Accessing your Google Drive offline files from a computer allows you to edit Google Docs and Sheets. As an extra privilege, you can also access files other than Google files, such as images, videos and PDF files, on your Android device. All your changes in the online version will be updated once the connection has been restored. After installing the Google Docs Offline Extension, there are a few options for turning on offline sync in Google Drive.

    Google Docs Offline Extension

    The first step to get Google Drive offline access is installing the Google Docs Offline Extension to your Chrome browser. This extension allows you to view your Google Docs and Sheets offline. Click the Add to Chrome button to go to the Chrome webstore and download Google Docs offline. Now the extension has been added to your browser. Click Add To Chrome

    You may find that the extension has already been added to your browser. To check if the extension is installed, first open Chrome and click on it. Next, click on “Manage extensions.”Click Manage Extensions

    On the next page, you will see all extensions that have been added. You will also see the toggle button to check if the Google Docs Offline extension has been enabled.

    Allow Offline Access Worldwide

    To access all files without internet connection, you can enable Google Drive offline. The settings page has an option that will allow you to view and edit online files offline. These are the steps to follow.

    To open Google Drive, click on the Settings icon (the gear symbol) at the upper-right. To open Google Drive settings, select “Settings” in the drop-down menu.Select Settings

    If you don’t have the extension, enable it or install it.Check Offline Access

    Google Drive Now Offline Available from Google Docs Home

    Google Drive offline access can be enabled from Google Docs Home. This will allow you to access all files in Google Sheets or Slides offline. Let us see how.

    Open a Google Docs document and click the icon in the upper-left corner.Click On The Docs Home Icon

    Click the three-bar icon at the top left corner.Click On The Three-Bar Icon

    Choose “Settings” in the menu.Select Settings

    Click “OK” to toggle the Offline button.Toggle The Offline Button On And Click OK

    Select Files can be Offline Edited in Google Drive

    You can disable offline access for specific files of Google Drive if you don’t wish to have offline access to the entire drive. You can make the files that you use frequently offline so that you can access them even when there is no internet connection. You can also select the files manually. These are the steps.

    Open Google Drive. Right-click the file that you wish to save offline and choose “Available offline.”Select Available Offline

    Alternativly, you can open a file by clicking on the File tab. Next, click on the File tab and select “Make available offline”.Select Make Available Offline

    To save multiple files offline, use the Control key to select them and then right-click.

    Access File Offline on a PC

    Go to the list view of your drive to check if Google Drive offline has been turned on. You will see a circle icon next to files that were made offline. The round icon will be next to the offline files.Round Icon

    Open Google Drive, click on the Ready for offline icon to preview it. Next, choose “Offline preview.”Select Offline Preview

    This page will show you how it will look offline. It will also include a list of files that are not accessible online and some gray ones.File Available Offline

    Enable Offline Editing In Google Drive Mobile App

    It is great for accessing Google Drive offline from an Android phone. The mobile device is great for traveling, or if you don’t want your computer open. If you’re not able to connect or have no Wi-Fi, the only way to access the file offline is to use it. This is how you can use your Android device when such circumstances arise.

    Open the Google Drive app from your device. Open the Google Drive app on your device.Locate The File And Tap On Three Dots

    From the drop-down menu, tap on “Make available offline”. The round icon will appear near the file to indicate that it can be opened offline.Tap On Make Available Offline

    Alternativly, you can open a file by tapping on the three dots at the top right.Open The File And Tap On Three Dots

    Next, choose “Make available offline” from this menu.Tap On Make Available Offline

    Let’s say you want multiple offline files. Long-press the first file and then tap on the other files. Next, tap the three dots at the upper right corner.Select Files And Tap On Three Dots

    Select “Make available offline”Tap On Make Available Offline

    How to Access File Offline on Android

    Google Drive can view offline Google Drive files from one location. This includes non-Google files. Let’s see how to list them and access the one you need.

    Open the Google Drive app from your Android device. Next, click on the three-bar icon at the top left.Tap On The Three-Bar Icon

    Choose “Offline” from this list.Tap On Offline

    The list of files that are available offline is now visible.Offline Files Listed

    Use Google Drive for Desktop

    Drive for Desktop, the Google Drive desktop client, allows you to manage and quickly access all your files including Google shared drive. All your files can be accessed from one location, whether they are on the cloud or on multiple devices. Google Drive offline access is now possible, making it easy to share data and make changes. The personal and cloud data can be synchronized at any time.

    The cloud will reflect any edits you make to files on your computer. The syncing will continue as long as your internet connection is available. It will update automatically if you make offline changes.

    Your device will download any future files that you add to the cloud automatically. For more information on the personal version of the cloud service, contact the Administrator if you have a Google Workspace account at school or work.

    Follow the instructions on the screen to download Drive for Desktop. Download Drive For Desktop

    After the download is completed, you’ll see the Drive icon on the desktop. This shortcut will take you to the cloud-based service desktop version .Drive Icon

    To view folders and files on your drive, click the icon.

    Last Thoughts

    If you have a Google Account, all of your data can be stored on the cloud free of charge. Google Drive can be used offline as well. You can also enable Google Drive offline mode to access your files from any device that you’re logged into. To enable offline access, you will need internet access and Chrome/Edge as your default browser.

    The following steps will allow you to set up the offline mode on your Android or computer. It is up to you whether you wish to make it available for all files or just a few. You can make them available offline if you only use a small number of files. When you connect, your offline updates will sync with the online version.

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