How Can You Enable Windows 11 Dark Mode

    Black is a symbol of power and elegance. Who wouldn’t like to use darker colors for their Windows PC’s user interface? Windows 11 Dark Mode is easy on the eyes, adds beauty to low-light environments and makes it easier to use. It also changes the desktop background, icons, and text colors to match the theme.

    To change the mode, users can choose from one of three options: Light, Dark, or Custom. The Light theme is great for bright backgrounds. However, you might prefer a dark background for darker work environments. You can also use the dark sound options to activate this mode. You can experiment with different color elements across a variety of colors using the custom settings. While working, you can use your device in Windows 11 tablet mode.

    How to enable Windows 11 Dark Mode

    It is easy to enable Windows 11 Dark Mode. You can change the brightness settings by going to the Settings window. You can switch between different modes by selecting the Choose your mode option in Settings. You can also achieve the same effect in other ways. To reduce eye strain in the evening, you can also use the Nightlight feature of Windows 11 display settings. Continue reading to learn more about Dark Mode.

    How to Turn on Dark Mode in Windows 11

    The Settings menu is the best option to quickly enable Windows 11 Dark Mode. You can choose Dark Mode by going to the Personalization tab. You can choose to disable the mode by clicking directly. Let’s see how it works.

    When the option appears in the search, type “Settings” into the search box.Open Settings

    Select “Personalization” from the Settings page.

    Select your mode is the first option that you’ll see. To select the mode that you prefer, click on the dropdown menu. You have three choices: Light, Dark, or Custom. Select the Dark option in the menu as we are looking for the Dark Mode.Select Dark

    That’s all! That’s it!

    Select “Accent color” to make further customizations. Select “Automatic” to select an accent color. To manually choose the accent color, select “Manual”. Next, choose a color from the three choices – Recent colors or Windows colors. Click on the View colors button for additional colors.Select Accent Color

    There are two options below the Custom colors menu: Show accent color in Start and Taskbar, and Show accent colour on title bars or windows borders. These options can be toggled on and off depending on your needs.Show Accent Color

    How to Make Windows Dark Mode from Themes

    What is the fastest way to activate Windows 11 Dark Mode? You can choose a dark theme. Windows 11 offers a variety of themes that can be used to achieve the same effect as dark themes. Let’s now see how to make Windows 11 dark by changing the theme.

    Select the Personalization tab in Settings. You will find the option to select a theme you wish to apply on the right. The available themes will appear under the header. You can choose Windows (dark) from the list. You will notice that themes like Captured Motion or Glow can change the OS to a darker setting.Select A Theme To Apply

    Alternativ, visit Personalization > Themes.Select Personalization > Themes

    To switch to a darker theme, select your favourite theme. Click the Browse themes button to see more Microsoft Store themes.Select Theme

    How to Put Windows in Dark Mode Using Contrast Themes

    Windows 11 Dark Mode can be set to use Contrast themes. Windows Contrast themes are helpful for people with vision impairments. If you have poor vision, you can either use high-contrast themes or low-contrast ones to increase the visibility of UI elements. These themes have smaller color palettes which reduce strain on the eyes and make text easier to read. These are the steps required to activate Dark Mode in Contrast themes.

    Select Accessibility from the left navigation menu. Open Settings. On the right, select “Contrast themes”.Select Accessibility > Contrast Themes

    To get dark background colors, choose from Aquatic, Dusk or Night sky. Click on the dropdown box next to Contrast themes to do this. Click the Edit button to make modifications. Click the Apply button.Select Theme And Click Apply

    Note The keyboard shortcut for enabling/disabling high contrast themes is left Alt + Shift + PrtSc. If you’re using Contrast themes first time, the Aquatic theme will be enabled by default.

    How to enable Windows 11 Dark Mode using Registry

    The Windows Registry is a database that stores settings and information about the hardware and programs installed within the operating system. You can change a Registry entry to enable Windows 11 Dark Mode. These are the steps to do the same.

    To open the Run dialog box press Windows key + R, enter “regedit” and click “OK”.Regedit Command

    Copy the following path and paste it in the editor’s address field. Then press Enter.

    Double-click on the “SystemUsesLightTheme” entry and enter “0” in the Value Data Textbox.

    To change to dark mode, click “OK”.Double-Click On SystemUsesLightThemeEnter 0 And Click OK

    It is easy to disable Dark Mode. This brings back the Light theme.

    Change the value of the “AppsUsesLightTheme Entry” to “0” to change default app mode settings. This will switch the OS to dark mode.

    How to Turn on Windows 11 Dark Mode using a Third-Party Tool

    Third-party apps make it easier to do many tasks on Windows 11. You can use a tool to automatically enable Windows 11 Dark Mode. You don’t need to do any manual work.

    Auto dark mode allows you to switch between light and dark settings. It is compatible with Windows 10 or 11. The daytime will show the light mode colors and night time the dark mode. This is a convenient way to toggle on the darker interface.

    Last Thoughts

    Windows 11’s Dark Mode option is a benefit to those who work in low-lit environments. The interface’s darker colors are soothing for the eyes and make text easier to read. Dark Mode should not be confused with Night Light. The Night light option is a completely different feature that changes the screen to warmer colours. You can create a dark background in multiple ways, even though the Dark Mode is available from a dropdown menu. This article will show you how to make your desktop look cooler with darker colors.

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