How Can You Know if Someone Else is Using your Streaming Service Subscriptions

    You can easily share your Netflix or Spotify password with a friend, or sign in to the service in someone else’s home or hotel room. This means that after several years you could have a number of people using your streaming service.

    You don’t want to see your account used by anyone, whether it’s a former partner, a nephew or niece, an old college roommate, or anyone else. This can result in restrictions being placed on your account and is not good from a security standpoint.

    You can easily check who is logged into your account and kick them out, if necessary. Here we will cover the most popular services and provide the steps you can follow on both the web as well as (if applicable) your mobile device. You should find similar features in your settings if we didn’t mention the service you use.


    Netflix allows you to view and sign out from any active device.

    The web:

    • Click on Account after you log in.
    • Click on Manage devices and access in the Security & Privacy. You will see a list with all the devices that have recently logged into your Netflix account. This includes the user profile.
    • You can click Sign Out to remotely sign out the device you have selected. Your password will then be required for logging in again.
    • You can click Log out of all Devices in the previous screen. This will log you out of Netflix on any device you are currently using.

    If you are using the Netflix app on your mobile device, it’s a similar process:

    • Tap your profile avatar (top right).
    • You can go to Account. Then, you can choose Manage Access and Devices. Or Sign Out of All Devices depending on the level of detail that you require.

    Disney Plus

    The web:

    • Click on Account when you log in to Disney Plus.
    • If you want to log out of every device, you will not get as much detail about your session information as Netflix. But you can cancel all sessions by clicking Logout of All Devices.

    Apps for mobile devices also offer the same functionality:

    • Tap your profile avatar (bottom right).
    • Select account > Logout of all devices.

    Anyone who uses your account elsewhere will be sent to the login page.


    Manage your Devices displays a list of the devices to which you are currently logged into.

    The web:

    • Hulu: Hover your cursor over the profile name in the top right corner, then select Account > Manage Devices.
    • The next screen displays a list with all of the devices to which your Hulu account has been logged in, along with the date they were added. This helps you identify out-of-date or dormant devices.
    • To logout of a device remotely, click Remove beside the device.

    You can’t manage your Hulu devices through the Hulu apps. Instead, you need to sign in to the Hulu website.

    Amazon Prime Video

    The web:

    • Hover your cursor over the name of your profile (to the left of the lower toolbar) when you open Prime Video.
    • Open the Devices tab and select Account and Settings to view all devices that you are currently logged into and the date you first logged on to each device. You will only see the devices you are currently logged into if you don’t own the account.
    • Click the Unregister button to the right. The device is removed from the list and it then reloads.

    The same screen is available in the mobile application:

    • The cog icon is located at the top right of your profile avatar.
    • Select Registered Devices.


    On the Devices page, you can see a list of devices where HBO Max has been logged into recently.

    The web:

    • Log in to your account, then click on the avatar at the top right of your screen. Then select Settings.
    • Scroll down to the devicessection. You will see a list with all devices that the account has recently been logged into, along with the date and time of the last use.
    • Select Sign out all devices or Manage Devices. Then, click on any device in the list and select X.

    The same screen is available in mobile apps as well:

    • Tap the profile icon in the top right corner, then tap on “cog” icon.
    • Select Devices. You will be taken to a list of your devices. Again, you can use Xto log out or sign out for all of them.


    You probably have Spotify installed on more devices than you realize.

    The web:

    • Click on your account name in the top right corner of Spotify and then select Account.
    • Open the Account Overview and you will see the Sign Out Everywhere button. You can log out of Spotify on your phone, tablet and desktop.
    • The button does not cover TVs, smart speakers or consoles. Select Apps from the menu on the left. The list will show all the apps available for different devices. You can remove any apps and devices from your Spotify account by selecting Remove access.

    There is no way currently to access these options via the mobile app. You’ll need to manage your device in a browser.

    You can manage all your devices through your Google account.

    Google’s streaming service allows you to manage your devices through the main Google account, rather than individual apps.

    The web:

    • Click on Security from your Google Account page.
    • You’ll find all your devices under the subhead Your Devices. Click on Manage all devices.
    • Here you will find all Google applications. Select the device you want to sign out from and select Sign Out. This will log you out of all Google services on the device, including Google Maps and YouTube. Note that you won’t be able log out of the current device.

    You can manage this information on your mobile device, but it’s much easier on the website.

    • Tap your avatar in the top right corner of the Google App for Android or iOS. Then, click Manage Your Google Account.
    • You can access Manage All Devices by looking for Safety (swipe to the left if it’s not visible).

    The Apple ID account you use to log in to your Apple devices is the same as everything else associated with that Apple ID.

    Apple’s streaming services work a bit differently than Google. Your Apple ID is tied to the device that you are using. The services and apps that you can access are determined by the main login for your iPhone, Mac or whatever device it may be.

    The web:

    • You can see your devices by logging into your Apple ID page and then looking for Devices on the left-hand side of the screen.
    • To remove an entry from your account, select Remove From Account and then tap on the item.

    On a macOS device:

    • Click on the name of your Apple ID or the System settings (or System preferences).
    • Select Remove Account after finding your device on the left-hand side column.

    This list is also available for iPhones and iPads:

    • Click on the name in the upper right corner of Settings.
    • You will find the list of devices at the bottom. Tap on Remove Account after selecting the device you wish to remove.

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