How Can You Remove Background In Canva

    You must have top-quality content for your business’ blog banners and social media platforms. Canva, a design tool, is here to help you along your creative journey. You can change the background, add color or white backgrounds to Canva and use its design tools to enhance your marketing skills.

    Canva can remove background from photos or videos. To use the auto-remove backgrounds feature, you must have a Canva Pro Account. The paid version has many cool features that content creators can use to create amazing visual content. This article is about Canva’s background tool, which creates cleaner backgrounds for images and videos. The software can do more than just these. You can remove background from GIF.

    Canva Background Removal

    Background can be removed in Canva by using either the Canva website, or the Canva mobile application. These options both include a powerful tool that will remove all background from images and videos. This can be very helpful in content creation. This is similar to how you remove backgrounds in Photoshop. Here’s how to remove background in Canva with the Canva Background Remover.

    How to Remove Background On Canva from a Picture On Your Computer

    You don’t need to download an app to remove background from Canva images. Simply visit the Canva website and log in to your Canva Pro account. Then, search for the tool that will remove background from images. Here’s a step-by-step guide to how to remove background from Canva.

    Go to using any browser. Login to your Canva Pro account. You cannot remove the background with the free Canva version. Choose from any of the Canva documents.Select A Canva Document

    It is now time to upload your image. To upload an image from your device, click on the Uploads button in the left menu.

    Click the three dots to select the image.Click Upload Files

    To add the image to your project, click on it. After selecting the image, click on it to add it to your project.

    Next, click on the Background Remover Tool in the left-hand corner.Select Edit Image And Then Background Remover

    The background photo will be deleted in a matter of seconds. If you wish to enhance the image, you can adjust its settings. You can use the Erase or Restore brushes to do this. After you have used the Background removal tool, choose the Erase or the Restore brush

    To increase or decrease the size of your brush, you can use the slider. To increase or decrease the size, move it to the left. After you have selected the right size, move it over the areas that you wish to restore or remove.

    The Erase brush can be used to erase larger areas than the tool. You can also use the Restore brush to restore areas that have been deleted by this tool. Select “Show original picture” To view the original image, click on the button.Erase Brush

    Click Apply at the bottom-left corner.Click Apply Button

    Click the Share button at the top-right corner to download the background-less fileClick Share Button

    Click the Download button, then check the Transparent background box and click “Download.”Check Transparent Background And Click Download Button

    Canva Mobile App: How to Remove Background from a Picture

    You can also download the Canva mobile app if you prefer to work with your mobile device. You can easily enhance your images by using the background image removal process. We will show you how to remove background from Canva app for Android or iOS.

    Open the Canva app from your mobile device. Log in to your Canva Pro account. Choose from any of the Canva documents.Select A Canva Document

    Click “Uploads” in the menu at bottom, then tap “Upload files.”Tap Upload Files

    Select the image you wish to edit and click “Effects” at the bottom of the menu.Tap Effects

    Choose “BG Remover” from the list of tools. This will remove background from your image.Tap BG Remover

    Tap the Share button at the top right and then tap “Download.”Tap ShareTap Download

    Choose PNG file type from the dropdown menu. To download the image as PNG, check the Transparent Background box. Tap the “Download” button at bottom.Tap Download

    How to Remove Background from Video in Canva on Your Computer

    You may need to replace or remove background video frequently if you are working with video content in your hobby or job. Canva’s advanced remove background feature for videos can be used. It can remove backgrounds from videos just as well as images. Let us see how.

    Navigate to Canva from any browser. Register as a Pro user. To open the editor, click on any template design.Click A Design Template

    In the left pane, click the Uploads option. You can choose a video that you have uploaded before or upload a brand new one by clicking on the Upload files button.Click Upload Files

    To open the video in the editor, click on it. Next, click the video you want to edit and then click the “Edit video button” button at the top. Next, click on the “Background Removal” button in left panel.Select Edit Video And Then Background Remover

    A video background takes more time than an image. After you have finished editing the video, you can add a background color or background elements such as a graphic design or a photo or video background. To download the video, click on Share > Download > Save.

    Canva Mobile App: How to Remove Background from Video

    Mobile users will also love the ability to remove the background in Canva for videos. You can upload videos to your phone and Canva will remove backgrounds or add new ones if necessary. Let’s take a look at the entire process.

    Open Canva and choose “Videos” in the top menu. You can choose from either Video Meetings or Facebook Videos depending on the type of video.Select A Video Mode

    Tap “Create blank.”Tap Create Blank

    To upload your video, tap the “Uploads” button.Tap Upload Files

    Next, choose the video you wish to upload and then tap “Effects” in the bottom menu.Tap Effects

    Select “Background Remover” under Effects. Now the background will be removed.Tap Background Remover

    To save the video, click on Share > Download > Save.

    Last Thoughts

    You don’t need any additional software if you use Canva to edit images or videos. To give your photos and videos a more professional look, the design editor lets you change background in Canva . Canva Pro has many advanced features that will make your design efforts worthwhile.

    This tutorial will show you how to remove background from images and videos using Canva. To make your background transparent, you can either use the Canva online tool or the Canva app on mobile. While both options are fast, you might have to wait for the tool to process videos.

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