How Can You Save Battery Life of Your iPhone

    As iPhones get bigger, faster and more capable of taking pictures and videos, our expectations on these batteries have also increased. Many phones can still run for a full day or more with normal use.

    What if you forget? What if you are away from home for a few days? What if you find that your battery drains alarmingly fast for no apparent cause? You may need your iPhone battery to last longer in a variety of situations.

    There are many ways to get the most out of your iPhone battery. Combining them will give you a much longer time between charges.You should check the apps that are consuming most battery life.Setting your screen in dark mode will save battery life.

    Check out which apps drain your battery.

    The battery life of your iPhone is affected by what you do with it. The battery drains faster when you are using apps that use GPS or system resources.

    • Click on Settings and then Battery.
    • Scroll down to find out which apps are using the most battery. You can view the percentages for the past 24 hours or last 8 days.

    Dim the display brightness

    The brightness of the display can make a huge difference to battery life.

    • You can reduce brightness by either swiping down to Control Center to use the brightness slider or going to Setting > Display & brightness to use the slider.
    • The True Tonecontrol under Settings > Display & Brightnesswill automatically adjust your brightness settings. It can be good because the brightness will be adjusted according to the environment. However, if it is not adjusting as you would like it to, or if it keeps things too bright, it can be turned off.
    • When you are not using your smartphone, the screen will drain power. In Display & Brightness tap Auto-Lock to lower the time. The screen will lock faster if you have a shorter delay. This means that the screen will spend more time on the darker lockscreen, which is better for your battery.
    • Tap Dark in Settings > Display and Brightness to switch into dark mode. This uses less energy.

    Cellular signals and Bluetooth

    Cell signal strength is another factor that affects battery life. If your iPhone has a patchy connection, it will have to work harder to remain connected. So, if you are going to be in a place with poor cellular coverage, you may want to turn your phone to airplane mode until you need to go online. To do this, open the Control Center and then tap the airplane mode button.

    Bluetooth can drain your phone’s battery. You may want to disconnect your smartwatch if you are running low on battery power. If you plan to use your phone continuously for long periods of time without charging, you might want to invest in a pair (rather than a wireless) of headphones. Moreover, playing music at maximum volume can damage your battery and ears.

    Limit the apps that can run in the background

    When you are not using an app, it would be nice if they could run in the background. This way, for instance, they could upload photos or check incoming emails. This can affect battery life. You can limit the apps that run in the background by checking which apps have this capability.

    • Select General and then Background App Refresh.
    • Tap Background app refreshto turn it off. You can also choose to only allow it to work for Wi Fi (which is a good option if you don’t have an unlimited plan) or for Wi Fi & Cellular Data.
    • You can also go through the list and disable background app refresh individually for each app.
    • Location> Never can be found on the same pages of each app to prevent an application from activating GPS (another battery drain). You can choose to ask the app for permission to use GPS each time or only when you are using the app.

    Constantly using location for all of your apps drains battery power. Only use it when necessary.You may also be able to get a little extra battery life if you turn off Siri’s active listening feature.


    Limiting the number of notifications that an app is allowed to send can be another option. They can be a nuisance if they are flooding your screen. You can manage notifications for an app from the same settings where you manage background updates and location access. Or you can go to Settings.

    Siri will not listen to you

    Turning off Siri’s active listening will also give you a little extra battery life. If your iPhone is constantly listening to hear “Hey Siri,” it uses more battery. Open Settings, select Siri and Search then disable the “Listen for “Hey Siri”, option.

    You will know when you are desperate

    You can still do something if your battery is approaching 20 percent, but you are not near an electrical source. You can start by enabling Low Power Mode.

    Low Power Mode minimizes the brightness, optimizes the device performance, and reduces a lot background activity on your phone.

    It will be prompted automatically when your iPhone’s battery reaches 20 percent or 10 percent. However, you can enable it at any time. This makes a significant difference to how quickly the iPhone battery drains. Open the battery from the Settings menu and toggle on the low power mode.

    Many of the other tips that we have mentioned can be applied as well:

    • Reduce the brightness of your display as much as possible.
    • Lock your phone for as long as you can.
    • Keep your phone on airplane mode as long as you can.
    • Do not play audio, run games or other demanding applications.
    • Turn off GPS completely via Privacy and Security > Location Services under Settings.

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