How Can You Upgrade to Latest Apple Home Architecture

    Apple’s new HomeKit is an under-the-hood re-build of its Apple Home smart-home platform. Apple claims that this will “improve the performance and reliability” of accessories in the home. This new foundation is part of Apple’s support for the Matter smart home standard.

    Apple has decided to try again after a failed attempt late last year when the option of upgrading to the new Home architecture was initially released with iOS 162 and was then quickly removed due to numerous user complaints. iOS 164 released this month allows users to choose the new architecture.

    Upgrades are entirely optional. If you use your iPad as the main Apple Home hub you won’t upgrade. The new architecture does not support iPads as Home hubs, but they will still work as such if you do not upgrade .

    If you upgrade your architecture, family members with older iPhones, iPads or Apple Watches who can’t run watchOS 9.4 will also lose control of the home.

    Read on if you want to take the plunge and try Apple’s faster, more stable home setup.Apple has launched a brand new platform for its Smart Home. Upgrade your smart home.Image: Apple

    Before upgrading, you should:

    You will not be able update your app until you have completed the steps. Only the registered owner can upgrade the app.

    • If you don’t have one, get an Apple Home Hub — an Apple TV or HomePod.
    • Update all Apple devices that connect to Home with the latest OS. This includes macOS Ventura 133 for your Mac, watchOS 9.4 for the Apple Watch, and iOS 16.4 on iPhones, iPads, HomePods, and AppleTV.
    • You’ll receive a notification if you attempt to upgrade your device without first doing this. These devices will not be able to access Home if you don’t update them.
    • Update your HomePods using the Home app.
    • You need to update your Apple TV device. Go to Settings> System > Software Updates and select Upgrade Software.
    • Open the Watch app on your iPhone and select the my Watch tab. Then, choose general > software update .
    • Update the devices that you have invited to your Home. You will lose their access if you do not.

    Apple Home’s new architecture should provide improved speed and reliability.

    Upgrade your system

    After upgrading your devices, you should see a popup message that reads Upgrade to Home the first time you launch the Home app. Follow the steps by tapping upgrade. You can upgrade your system if this screen is not displayed or you have selected the Upgrade Later option.

    1. Open the Home application on your iPhone, iPad or iPadOS running the latest iOS version. You can also use an Mac with the latest version macOS.
    2. Click the More link in the upper right corner.
    3. Tap Settings. Select Home settings. The settings for all of your homes will be updated.
    4. Click to update your software.
    5. Follow the instructions by tapping on the message Home upgrade available Learn more.

    After the upgrade, which takes only 30 seconds, you should notice a better response time and overall stability in your smart home. The Upgrading Home will be removed from Home Setting.

    Try rebooting your hubs to see if it fixes any issues. You can also reboot your iPhone: Sign out of iCloud, restart your device and sign in again.

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