How Can You Use a Passkey to Sign into Google Account

    It’s always been necessary to use passwords. You can either choose one that’s too simple to remember, or one that’s complex enough to need a password manager.

    Up until now, the most secure way to protect your account was to pair a password and two factor authorization (2FA).. Google now offers another option: with a passkey – a secure credential that is tied to your PIN or biometric identification. The passkey is only stored on your device and not in the cloud. This makes it more secure.

    Do you want to try it? Here’s how.

    What are the system requirements for hardware and software?

    Currently, a passkey can be created on any hardware. This includes laptops / PCs running Windows 10 or macOS ventura (or later), Chrome 109, Safari 16 or Edge 109. You can only set up a passkey if your mobile device or tablet runs iOS 16 or Android 9 or later. It can be used with any hardware key that supports FIDO2 protocol.

    If you wish to sign in to another device (such as a laptop) using your phone, Bluetooth must be enabled.

    You won’t be allowed to create a passkey if your Google Workspace is through an employer or school. You can use the passkey for any Google account, including your personal one.

    How do I install it?

    • To begin, go to .co/passkeys.
    • You may have already been registered for a passkey if you’ve signed up with an Android device. In this case, you will see the device listed under Passkeys automatically created. You can then click on the blue Use Passkeys.

    You Android device may automatically be registered for passkeys.

    • A pop-up will appear stating that you are now able to use the passkey. Click Done.
    • If your device doesn’t appear (if you are using an iPhone it’s likely not to), select the Create passkeybutton located at the bottom. Note: At this point it is easier to use the device that you wish to use as a key. For example, if you are using an iPhone, you should use your iPhone instead of your computer.
    • A pop-up will appear, allowing you to use the device that you’re currently using (in this case, choose Continue), or you can select Choose another device. You will then be presented with a QR code that you can scan using your phone’s built-in camera.
    • You may be asked to enable iCloud Keychain if you have an iPhone.

    It is easy to add a passkey device.To use the passkey, you must have Cloud Keychain enabled on your iPhone.

    And you’re done!

    What happens if I sell or lose a device with a passkey on it?

    If you have created the passkey, then you can remove it from your list.

    • Click on your Google Account.
    • Scroll down to Sign in to Google. Select Passkeys.
    • Click the X beside the passkey that you wish to delete.

    Only passkeys that you have created can be deleted.

    You can’t delete the passkey if it was created automatically by Google. Instead, you must sign out the device from the account.

    • In the same way as in the previous example select Manage All Devices.
    • Choose the phone that you wish to sign out from and click Sign Out.

    Can I completely stop using passkeys?

    Yes. You can use passwords and 2FA again if you wish. The passkeys are still part of your account, but they will not be used.

    • Click on Security in your Google Account.
    • Scroll down and turn off Skip the password whenever possible.

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