iPhone 15 Rumors, Release date and Much more

    Apple is expected to unveil its iPhone 15 line of flagship smartphones in September. The 2023 range will include four models, the base iPhone 15, the iPhone 15 Max and the iPhone 15 Pro. The iPhone 15 Pro Max might be branded with this model, but a recent report suggests that this branding may not be used until 2024.

    Apple’s bestselling smartphone is expected to make 2023 an exciting year. Rumours claim that the company may finally switch from Lightning to USB -C, and could ditch the mechanical volume/power buttons for solid-state alternatives. The Dynamic Island was only available to Pro models in 2022. It could be rolled down to standard iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Max by 2023.

    Predictions for the iPhone 15’s release date

    This is the most accurate of all the iPhone 15 rumors. The iPhone 14 was released Friday, September 16, and launched Wednesday, September 7. Apple could launch the iPhone 14 on September 6, with a September 15 release date if they followed a similar model.

    Apple’s new flagship smartphones have been announced only once in the past decade: October 2020. This was amid a rare pandemic that forced stay-at-home orders, disrupted supply chains, and required Apple to announce its new flagship phones outside of September.

    It is likely that the iPhone 15 arrives in September 2023. Apple usually announces their phones 10 days before release, with preorders opening one week prior to go-time. According to one source, it could be September 22,/23. We see the iPhone 15 go on sales.

    However, there is one slight problem. Trial production began in January for the iPhone 15 line. This is one month earlier than the previous. It is possible that this is due to Apple’s mass production plans in India or China. However, we can’t rule out the possibility of an iPhone 15 being released earlier than normal. We expect an iPhone 15 unveiling in September unless someone else convinces us otherwise.

    Price speculation for iPhone 15

    There was speculation that the iPhone 14 would bring a 15% increase in price . However, this was incorrect if you are located in the United States. While other regions experienced a significant increase in prices, the US saw the only price change: the removal of the cheapest “mini” model.

    Prices currently range from $799 / AU$1,399 / PS849 for the 128GB entry level iPhone 14 to $$1,599 / PlayStation1,749 / AU$2,769 if you purchase the 1TB iPhone 14 Pro Max. Although we expect similar prices this time, it is possible that the iPhone 15 will experience a price increase that the U.S. missed in 2022.

    As it turns out, has been priced up $100 for the iPhone 15 Pro. Analyst Jeff Pu believes that an iPhone 15 Pro price hike is possible due to new features. The iPhone 15 Pro Max would be $1,1999, and the iPhone 15 Pro Max at $1,000. If the $100 figure is correct, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will cost more than the Galaxy S23 Ultra at $1,1999. This price increase will not apply to other countries, such as the U.K. or Australia.

    Naver, a Korean blog, suggests that Apple might lower prices for the iPhone 15 as a response to the soft iPhone 14 Plus sales. Apple may adjust its pricing to appeal to consumers looking for value in the iPhone 15’s lower-cost iPhones.

    iPhone 15 possible models

    Apple discontinued the iPhone mini for its 2022 release and instead introduced the iPhone 14+. This simplified the decision making process: you could choose between a 6.1-inch or 6.7 inch screen, regardless of whether you want to go Pro. We will be covering reasons why the iPhone 15 mini won’t return this autumn.

    The iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max will all be available when the iPhone 15 lineup is revealed. These names were used in a recent TrendForce Report to highlight the expected iPhone 15 features. It seems that it is possible to keep the same naming conventions.

    We could however see significant iPhone 15 Pro variations this year as only Pro models will be able to use the A17 Bionic chip with titanium design. The iPhone 15 Pro Max will also get a periscope zoom camera. We believe Apple might be overlooking the regular iPhone 15.

    An iPhone 15 Ultra could be added to this list. Mark Gurman , a reliable tipter, recently tweeted (opens in new tab). He said that the Apple Watch Ultra was released this year and that we could “expect” the iPhone variant in the future — which he later repeated in his newsletter.

    This could be the new iPhone 15 Ultra. Will the Pro Max be rebranded as Ultra? Gurman claimed that the iPhone 16 Ultra will be available next year. This was in spite of the fact that the iPhone 16 Pro Max would be the first to launch with such a phone. The iPhone 16 Plus could be the one that gets the boot. We may be talking about 2024, when 2023’s phones are still to come.

    iPhone 15 design rumors

    There have been several design leaks suggesting that the iPhone 11 Pro Max could get the curved design back. Apple’s latest iPhones have a flat-edge display, but leakers claim that the three new devices could feature thinner and curved bezels (opens in a new tab). The iPhone 11 Pro Max was the last iPhone with a curved-edge display.

    The camera bump at the back of iPhone 15 could also have a new design. However, rumors do not reveal the details beyond it being thicker and larger than before. The iPhone 15 Pro could see the greatest increase in size, with early renders showing that individual lenses have been doubled in size over the previous generation.

    The iPhone 15 Pro Max does not appear to be planning for a similar increase. The iPhone 14 Pro Max’s lenses are less prominent than those of the , which supports rumors that the Pro Max might have a new periscope zoom lens.

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