Some of the Best AirPods Deals to Get Right Now

    There are some amazing discounts available for Apple’s AirPods.

    We’ve compiled the best deals on AirPods for each model. This includes the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max.

    Best deals on AirPods second-gen

    Apple will lower the price of its second-gen AirPods, now the entry level model, from $159 to $129 in 2021. The model that comes with the wired charging case charges using a standard Lightning cord. We found the second-gen AirPods easy to use and still provide reliable wireless performance.

    Apple’s most budget-friendly pair of earbuds has dropped to $79.99. However, right now, you can get them for $99 (a $30 discount) from Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy. If you prefer a model with a wireless charging case, Adorama sells it for $139.99 (20% off).

    The AirPods are Apple’s second-generation of true wireless earbuds. They’re also the cheapest AirPods model.

    Supporting Apple’s MagSafe Technology, the third-gen AirPods have a subtler design. They also offer improved features such as sweat and water resistance and dynamic head tracking.

    Apple introduced in September a slightly cheaper option that includes a Lightning-only charger case for the third generation AirPods. This option is available at Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart for $10 less. Costco members can get the MagSafe version for just $139.99 (a savings of $39!).

    The latest AirPods entry-level model is similar to the sleeker AirPods Pro but with a shorter stem and a new charging case. The 2019 model has fewer battery issues and is water resistant.

    Apple introduced the second-gen AirPods Pro at its “Far Out”, or September event. These earbuds are similar to the first generation but have better noise cancellation. The earbuds retail for $249 but can be purchased for as low as $199.99 on Amazon, Walmart and Verizon (for members) and in Micro Centers for $189.99.

    Apple AirPods Pro are based on the previous model, but feature swipe controls as well as a new H2 processor that improves noise cancellation. The AirPods Pro also include a waterproof charging case and support for Apple’s Find My network.

    AirPods Pro from the first generation are still available, sometimes at a lower price than the newer models. They offer active noise cancellation and better sound quality. These AirPods also have swappable silicone tips, but only three instead of four. They also support Apple’s spatial sound feature which gives selected content an immersive surround sound experience.

    Apple will launch a new configuration for its first-generation AirPods Pro at the end of 2021. It includes a wireless charging case, similar to the third-generation AirPods, that supports Apple’s MagSafe technology. The AirPods Pro are currently available for $199 on Amazon and B&H Photo, a significant discount from their previous low price of $129.99, and the typical sale price is around $159; we recommend buying them now, or waiting until the price of the AirPods Pro drops further.

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