T-Mobile Expensive Plan Can Get You a New Phone Every 2 Years

    T Mobile announced today a new rate plan: Go5G Plus. This plan guarantees device payment plans for two years and offers the same phone promotions to existing customers as they do to new customers. The new plan replaces Magenta Max, which was the most expensive for the carrier at $90 per line with autopay.

    This company is using 4/20 to announce the new plan, along with a few other promotions. They are doing this because wants to “smoke out the competition.” Now that’s a real “How are you? fellow kids?” attitude.

    Go5G Plus comes with all the benefits of Magenta Max, including unlimited premium data, Netflix and Apple TV Plus. It also adds some extras, such as phone upgrades and Netflix. The extra 10GB is for premium mobile hotspots, which totals 50GB per monthly and 15GB high-speed data

    It’s nice to have a new plan, but it seems that the focus is on new device promotions and payment terms. Many “free phone” offers from T-Mobile or other carriers require that you add a new plan, or switch lines to qualify for the offer. This won’t happen with Go5G Plus. If you already have a phone that qualifies, you can take advantage of the promotion just like a new T-Mobile customer.

    Go5G Plus guarantees 24-month payment plans instead of the 36-month plans now common at Verizon and AT&T. I asked Mike Katz of T-Mobile, the president of marketing, whether the company would consider moving to three-year payments for other customers. He only replied that “It’s not something that’s part of our plans.”

    The T-Mobile tradition of including taxes and fees in Go5G Plus is still going strong. Another thing that is clearly not changing. Wireless carriers offer a confusing array of plans. This is not likely to change anytime soon.

    Unlock with ease using

    AT&T is locking millions of customers into three-year contracts, but they are also locked into phones that are locked to an outdated 5G network. AT&T locks your phone to their network, even after you’ve paid it off. This makes it harder to leave. Shocker.

    T-Mobile today is helping AT&T users make their escape. T-Mobile helped customers escape the clutches of Carriers by paying off their phones and contract termination fees. Now, the Un-carrier has doubled down. T-Mobile still pays off your phone up to $650 using prepaid Mastercard, but you can now trade-in an eligible -locked and get a new smartphone from Us. This is really as simple as it gets.

    Mike Katz, T-Mobile’s President of Marketing, Innovation and Experience, said that AT&T’s unlocked process is comparable to a trip the DMV. We’re saving their customers the hassle. For the first time, we are not only releasing locked phones from people’s possessions — we will also send them home with a smartphone that is free on America’s most award-winning 5G network.

    You can now lock in the price of your T-Mobile rate plan and unlock your carrier device contract.

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