The Best Apple Watch Deals Right Now

    Apple’s latest smartwatches were launched in September. They include the Ultra (799) as well as the Series 8 (399) and the Apple Watch SE (249). Each wearable has its pros and cons, but with the Ultra’s introduction, there are more Apple Watch models than ever before and more deals.

    So which watch should you choose? You want to purchase the most recent watch that you can afford to ensure it receives software updates from Apple. The watchOS9 latest update was launched on the Apple Watch Series 4 (and older models) in September. However, it is not known if the Series 4 will receive the next major software update. Keep in mind, however, that unlike other Apple products, the biggest discounts are usually reserved for the latest models and not the older ones.

    A watch of the most recent generation (or older) ensures that you get a smartwatch with a modern design, lots of features and many sensors. It’s difficult to find a watch that won’t feel old now that the series 3 has been officially retired.

    Apple’s latest mainline smartwatch features watchOS 9, Crash Detection, and temperature sensors that allow menstrual cycle tracking. This is something you won’t find on any other model.

    Although the Apple Watch Series 8 isn’t a radical departure from Series 7, it does include Crash Detection, and a variety of iterative improvements which will make it the most popular model.

    Apple Watch Series 8 is the latest wearable in Apple’s flagship Series line. The Series 8 features a new chipet (which Victoria Song, our colleague, says isn’t faster than the old one), temperature sensors that allow menstrual tracking, crash detection, and a host other enhancements. The Series 8 has subtle improvements that are very welcome. However, it isn’t much different from the Apple Watch Series 7.

    The starting price for the Apple Watch Series 8 base model dropped to $329 (a 70 percent discount). This is the same price as the 41mm model with GPS at Amazon and Walmart. The larger 45mm model with GPS is currently on sale at Amazon and Walmart. This price matches the watch’s lowest price.

    The 41mm model is on sale at Amazon and Walmart for $429 ($70). The same $70 discount is available for the 45mm model at Amazon and Walmart. Best Buy starts at $459 ($70 off).

    The last-gen Series 7 in select colors is now available at Walmart or Target starting at $299. This is about $100 less than its original list price.

    Although the new SE for 2022 borrows a few features of the Series 8, such as the same chipset or Crash Detection, it is a subtle upgrade to the previous-gen SE.

    Apple’s entry-level watchable is a minor upgrade to the SE. However, it introduces a faster chipset as well as many watchOS 9 features.

    In late 2022 , the Apple Watch SE was updated. The Apple Watch SE has the same chip set as the Series 8 but it has fewer sensors and no always-on display. It also has a slightly older design than the Series 7 or 8. These omissions may make it less appealing to some, but they could still be the right choice for you. It starts at $249 for the 40mm Wi Fi / GPS model, which $30 less than the baseline price of the previous generation. The starting price for the 40mm size is $299, while the 44mm model costs $20 more.

    The 40mm Apple Watch SE is now available at Amazon for $219 ($30 off), which matches the wearable’s lowest ever price. You can also get the GPS-only model at Amazon or Best Buy for $249 ($30), or the LTE-equipped configuration at Amazon or Best Buy for as low $269.

    The Watch Ultra is Apple’s most rugged and versatile watch. The Watch Ultra is thicker and more robust than the Series 8. It also features GPS tracking that allows for precise diving metrics. It is available in one configuration and only comes in one size.

    Apple’s large, thick and capable Watch Ultra was launched at $799 and includes GPS and LTE support. The 49mm screen is brighter than the Series 8 and has a longer-lasting battery. It also features more accurate GPS tracking and a lot of sensors that turn it into a diving and swimming guide.

    The Apple Watch Ultra’s current price on Amazon in selected colors has dropped to $729.99. The $70 discount on the Alpine Loop model doesn’t apply to checkout.

    All of the Apple Watch models and colors covered here are made of aluminum, with the exception of Ultra, which is made of titanium. Apple also makes a premium range of products out of stainless steel or titanium. These offerings look and function the same as their aluminum counterparts but have slightly more refined colors and finishes — polished for stainless steel and brushed titanium. They start at $749 and higher, however. These can also be purchased on occasion, but are not as affordable as the base models. We don’t include them in this article.

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