The Best Student Laptop Guide!

    It can be stressful to shop for a new laptop, especially if your child is learning online for the very first time. Different age groups have different laptop needs and use cases. As the best Laptop and Chromebook choices evolve, so too do students’ requirements. So I talked to the experts: students.

    These recommendations are intended to cover a wide range of price points and preferences. They are merely a starting point, not an exhaustive list. Every student is unique. You’ll want read reviews before making a choice and if possible, try out the devices. I will do my best in order to keep this post up-to-date with the items that are currently available.

    The best laptops for students

    Best laptops for elementary schools

    Michelle Glogovac says that a touchscreen is easier for younger students to use than a touchpad and keyboard. Glogovac uses an iPad to conduct Webex meetings for her five-year old son’s kindergarten class. Glogovac said that he has mastered the skill of muting and unmuting himself.

    It may be worth it to invest in a keyboard if you decide to go with a tablet. Glogovac must type in her son’s passwords and meeting codes, which is cumbersome to do on an iPad’s flat display.

    The best laptop for your child will change as they get older. It’s vital that both you and your child agree on how to use the laptop and what size programs they need.

    Kristin Wallace bought a cheap HP laptop for Bella. She didn’t know how fast the nine-year old would fill 32GB of storage. It is slow and there’s no room for games. Bella said she needed a computer that had more storage. She uses it to Zoom with her friends, take virtual guitar classes and math enrichment courses. Wallace will buy Bella an upgraded device within the next few week.

    Laptops for children should have good audio quality. Lisa Mitchell, a elementary library media specialist says that her students watch YouTube videos on their devices in addition to taking online classes. Even distance learners may be close to a wall outlet, so battery life is a bonus. Bella uses her laptop around the house, but doesn’t like to carry the cord.

    Mitchell says that durability is worth the money. Get a case for your tablet if you use one. If you can get a replacement or insurance policy at a reasonable price, it is usually worth the additional expense.

    Check it out

    • Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition : A colorful, fast tablet that has kid-friendly content.
    • Lenovo Chromebook Duet 3 (US$299): A tiny 11-inch Chromebook that comes with a keyboard detachable
    • Apple’s 10.2-inch iPad (329): A great budget tablet which supports the Apple Pencil
    • Microsoft Surface Go3 ($399.99), a sturdy Windows tablet with an integrated kickstand
    • Google Pixelbook GO ($649) – a durable touchscreen Chromebook

    Best laptops for middle school

    Middle school students that I have spoken to do not use their laptops much beyond web-based work and browsing. Do not worry about the power of your laptop. Instead, choose one that is comfortable and easy to use for your child.

    Gabrielle Hartley is a attorney, mother of three and a user of the basic Chromebook. The most basic Chromebook is perfect for a middle school student. For students in need of a Windows-based machine, the Surface Laptop Go 2 makes a great choice.

    Hartley’s eighth-grade son Max agrees. Max agrees. “I’d love a gaming computer or laptop that could plug into a screen and play video games at 120fps. But I don’t really need that,” Max said. Most eighth graders won’t be running video games or software that needs a lot power on their laptops.

    Max uses his laptop primarily for Google Classroom apps, such as Gmail, Slides and Google Docs. His device is very simple to use, and he calls it “a standard Samsung Chromebook.” If your child will be starting middle school in the fall, you might want to check with their teachers about which operating system best suits their workflow. Caspian Fisher Oden, an ninth grader in Sweden, told me that his Chromebook is not working properly because his school blocks downloading apps from Google Play Store.

    Even kids who have more demanding hobbies believe that a budget device will do the job. Sam Hickman from the UK, who uses his laptop to edit photos and videos, said, “For the majority of middle schoolers, a processor developed in the last two years can handle any task they can throw it.”

    What is worth paying for? Several students said that they wanted a comfortable keyboard. Middle school students are not used to long-term typing. Look for a device they can easily carry, especially if you’re getting them ready for school. Try to find a device that is between 11 and 13 inches in size.

    Check it out

    • HP x360 Chromebook ($789.99), an affordable Chromebook that has great battery life
    • Lenovo Chromebook Flex 3 ($210), a compact but durable laptop for students
    • Lenovo 30e (419.99$): A durable 2-in-1 laptop with LTE and a stylus
    • Acer’s Aspire 5 (749.99 dollars) is a great option for children who require a 15-inch display.
    • Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 (599.99 $): a light, attractive Windows laptop

    The best laptop for high school

    Laptop needs for high school students can vary depending on their interests. However, most do not need powerful laptops with a lot of bells and whistles – especially if there are serious flaws or problems that may interfere with schoolwork. Miles Riehle is a Laguna Beach High School student who owns a Surface Pro 7 with high-end features. However, he finds it to be overwhelming. He said, “There’s so much else that I don’t use very frequently.” “Something simple might be more straightforward.”

    What your child is used too may determine the best operating system. Aryan, a student from Barrington High School, Illinois, uses an iPad to do his schoolwork and has an iMac in the home. Riehle said he’d prefer a Chromebook, as he uses Google services and has an Android smartphone.

    But nearly every student that I spoke with agreed that portability was the most important aspect of a laptop for high school. Children attending classes in person may carry their laptop around with them for most of the day, along with other books. Choose a screen size of 13 or 14 inches, or go for a smaller 15 to 17 inch model.

    Students recommend something durable. Moses Buckwalter is a student from Penn Manor High School. “Most students I have seen throw their laptop into their bag without much care,” he says. In the hall, backpacks can also be jostled. Children can get into trouble at their homes. Aadit Agrawal is a student in high school from India. She says, “Anything could happen.” “My brother scratched the laptop with his nail.”

    Another important feature is battery life. Cas Heemskerk is a sophomore in the Netherlands. “It’s difficult to find somewhere to charge your device while you are in class,” he says. Many high schoolers do not have the time to recharge their devices as often as college students. Try to find a charger that will last for a whole day.

    Many students recommend touchscreens with stylus support. Nambiar uses this feature in his biology class where he is doing a lot visual modeling. “The touchscreen is a great tool for drawing diagrams. If you were using a laptop, it would be a hassle to submit the diagram you created,” says Nambiar. Riehle uses a Surface Pen for filling out school forms and to annotate PDFs. Agrawal takes notes on the screen where he is watching his online lesson.

    You may want to consider a laptop that has multiple connectivity options, depending on your broadband availability. Agrawal’s classes online are often interrupted by power cuts, so he suggests an LTE model. Matej Plavevski is a junior from Yahya Kemal College, North Macedonia. He recommends that you look for an Ethernet port to avoid any problems with slower connections. It’s difficult to find this on small laptops but there are a number of inexpensive dongles and ports to consider.

    Check it out

    • Acer Spin 514: a convertible chromebook with a long-lasting battery.
    • Apple iPad Air (599): A powerful tablet with an excellent screen
    • Acer Chromebook Spin 720 ($729) is a great Chromebook at a reasonable price
    • Dell XPS 13, a sturdy Windows clamshell laptop, is only $999.
    • Surface laptop 5 (999.99 $): a light, comfortable and excellent laptop.

    Laptops for College Students

    It’s okay for college students to spend a little more than other age groups. Some students (particularly those in STEM classes) should expect to work hard. Assad Abid is an electrical engineering student from Pakistan who needs to run simulation programs for his assignment. Aakash Chandra is a student from New Horizon College of Engineering, India. He does a lot of programming, as well as creative work with Photoshop and Premiere Pro, and games. Some students also said that investing in a laptop which will last a few more years is worth it. This means that you don’t need to worry about financing or finding your next device until after you have landed a job.

    There are still many options available among the high-end devices that can do everything. A college laptop must be lightweight, according to students. You’ll be bringing it to classes, meals and meetings, the library and other places on campus. Haseeb Waseem is a Villanova University senior. She says, “It is a blessing that I can bring my laptop and some notebooks with me without feeling like I am carrying too much.

    Battery life is another feature that’s universally praised. Waseem uses an HP Spectre and says that the battery life is long enough to allow him to “study in a variety of locations, including outside.”

    Even in the most expensive devices, speakers and webcams can be overlooked. Students say that it is worth searching for good speakers if you are starting college in the next year. While many students have returned to their in-person college classes, others will continue to attend online events and meet with clubs. Waseem says his laptop’s picture and audio quality makes it hard to focus in class or interact with others.

    Students will have to spend more on areas that are tailored to their needs and interests. Chandra would like a touchscreen and stylus for his creative work, as well as an advanced GPU. Waseem uses his laptop to do a variety of things, such as streaming, coding and video chatting. He also does Microsoft Office. A large screen would be ideal for him to manage his multitasking.

    Check it out

    • Acer Swift3 ($649.99), a lightweight laptop with great performance
    • HP envy x360 13 (899.99$): A fast and stylish 2-in-1
    • Dell XPS13 ($999), a solid clamshell Windows Laptop
    • Surface laptop 5 (999.99 $): a light, comfortable and excellent laptop.
    • HP Spectre x360 14, $1,549.99: a premium convertible that offers a long-lasting battery

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