The Latest iPad Air is at $100 off Best Value Among all iPads

    The best iPad is back at its lowest price ever. The latest iPad Air from Apple is now on sale at Amazon for $499.99 (100 percent off). It’s $50 less than the 10th-generation iPad, but it offers better performance and a 10.9-inch screen. For everyday, fast app use, the midrange iPad Air uses an M1 processor. The iPad Air’s Touch ID is preferred over the iPad Pros’ more convenient Face ID, but the new Air feels very “pro” in other aspects, including second-generation Apple Pencil compatibility and add-on keyboard options. The Air covers all bases for iPad use, including content consumption, Apple Arcade gaming, and light work.

    The iPad Air’s 2020-inspired design is still intact, but the A14 Bionic processor has been replaced by Apple’s M1 chip. You can choose from one of five color options and it features a front-facing 12MP camera that supports Apple’s Center Stage feature.

    The Amazon Echo Show10 is on sale for $194.99 (55 percent off) at Amazon and Best Buy. If you are a frequent video caller, the smart display can be a valuable addition to your home. It automatically pivots on its base to follow and frame you.

    The Echo Show 10 can also be used as a smart home controller. It supports Alexa voice control over all connected devices. Its 10.1-inch screen makes it an ideal kitchen assistant, displaying recipes and playing music on the loud speaker.

    Amazon’s Echo Show 10 rotates with a motor in its cylindrical base. This allows the 10.1-inch screen to spin around to find you. This smart display is the best for video calling.

    Amazon’s Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K max has dropped to $34.99 (a 20% discount) at Best Buy and Amazon. While streaming devices can have some issues, it is hard to ignore the streaming stick from Amazon. It has fast Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, an excellent remote with Alexa voice controls and 4K and HDR support. The UI and menus are also very responsive. You’ll also find a lot of Amazon-focused content, as well as ads for Amazon products in the UI. This may make it difficult to use and frustrating for others. It’s still a great streaming stick, and only 35 dollars.

    Amazon’s latest streaming stick is faster and supports Wi-Fi 6. It offers a wide range of streaming apps, as well as an intuitive interface that can be used with Alexa voice commands.

    Call of Duty has been in the news almost every day thanks to mom Sony and dad Microsoft constantly fighting over Activision’s ongoing acquisition . But let’s not forget the stupid corporate Kayfabe and just get a great deal on the child caught between the two. Modern Warfare II (22nd Century) on sale at $54.99 ($15) in physical form. This deal is only for PlayStation and Xbox consoles. This is the lowest price for the game , unless it’s not available at your local library.

    Call of Duty Warzone is free to play. However, if you’re looking to participate in classic Domination or Deathmatch-style multiplayer, MII must be purchased. Although the old shooter franchise might not be for everyone, the new version is an enjoyable ride that feels like it has been back to its roots. However, there are frequent reminders and incentives to make you buy a season pass.

    This 2022 reboot of Modern Warfare II is not to be confused with Activision’s 2009 Modern Warfare II . The campaign, online multiplayer section, and co-op missions are all new to the game.

    $55 AT TARGET (PHYSICAL)$55 AT BEST BUY (PHYSICAL)This is Ghost. Apart from the fact that he looks cool, I don’t know what his significance to Call of Duty. That’s okay.

    Someone has a case of the Mondeals.

    • Dead Space (2023), for PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, is now on sale for $54.99 ($15 discount) at Target, Best Buy and Amazon.
    • Ishin! is available for $39.99 (a 20% discount) on Amazon. This samurai action RPG is set in 1860s Japan and is a remake from a 2014 title in Yakuza (now rebranded as Like A Dragon) that has never been released worldwide.
    • After a $50 discount, the Apple Watch U is on sale at Amazon for $729.99 (70 percent off). Apple’s flagship Watch was designed for adventurers and those who enjoy the concept of a larger, titanium watch with an quick action button.
    • The Garmin Mini is available at Amazon for $269.99 (80%) You can send text messages and trigger an SOS when you need it, even in remote areas.
    • The price of 1TB SSDs is almost at its bottom. The Samsung 980 Pro 1TB SSD comes with a heatsink and is available at $89.99 (or $50 off) at Best Buy or Amazon. This model comes with a preinstalled heatsink making it easy to plug and play.
    • B&H Photo is offering a $99.95 one-day deal for a Nanuk923 hard plastic carrying bag in black (95 percent off when you add it to the cart). This protective case is laptop-sized and comes with cubed foam. You can pull or pluck to make your own inserts that match your gear.

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