Top Sites To Create Avatar From Photo

    It’s fun to create cartoon avatars from photos, especially if you plan on using them as your profile picture on social media sites and other online services. Many websites offer avatar creation from photos.

    You can make a cartoon avatar with just a photo. Then, you can create your avatar. These avatar creators can create realistic avatars or cartoon avatars using your photos.

    The Best 17 Services to Create an Avatar from a Photo

    There are many options for avatar creation, including caricature makers and personal avatar emojis. Many online platforms allow you to add special effects and offer photo editing tools. The amazing editing tool can transform photos into cartoons or create cartoon avatars from real photos.

    Let’s take a look at the best online platforms to create avatars from photos.

    1. PickaFace

    PickaFace allows you to create an avatar from a photo. There are 550+ design options available. You can communicate with your friends and leave comments. You can make a cartoon avatar in a matter of minutes.

    PickaFace members have access to many other advanced features. Registered members can manage and create a gallery of the avatars they have created. You can also create new avatars from your existing work, which ultimately saves time and effort.

    2. SP-Studio ( South Park Character Creator )

    SP-Studio allows you to create icons for characters free of charge. South Park (SP), is a reference to the famous cartoon from Colorado. Based on the show’s style, you can create an avatar. It’s free and looks exactly like the characters in South Park. Every South Park fan must check it out.

    A cute animated cartoon avatar can be created. You can change your hairstyle and facial features to make a unique avatar icon. This cartoon avatar maker service allows you to create your South Park character.

    3. Befunky

    BeFunky, an all-in-one photo editor, simplifies the editing process and makes it simple to create avatars from photos. The various tools are easy to use and don’t require technical knowledge. It can shrink images and create animated characters for your social networks.

    BeFunky allows you to upload your photos and edit them. You can also use photos from Flickr, FaceBook, Photo Bucket, or other sites by providing the URL. You can choose from JPEG, GIF and PNG file formats.

    4. Avatoon

    Avatoon is one of the most popular avatar websites. You can create your avatar by uploading a photo. Avatoon’s cartoon avatar is free to create. Avatoon’s best features include its auto-generated avatars. These avatars are created by facial recognition software. Users simply need to snap a photo of themselves and the app will create an avatar.

    5. Avachara Avatar

    Avachara, a free avatar creator, can help you to create an anime character. It can be used as your profile picture on Google chrome and other social media platforms

    The avatar can be customized based on your body shape and skin color. The fashion section allows you to add accessories and style. This is a great place to create an avatar from a photo.

    6. DoppleMe

    DoppleMe, another service, allows you to create a basic full-body avatar in no time. To save your avatar, you will need to register. Registering gives you access to additional items and expressions that can be used with your avatar.

    Flash, ActiveX controls and downloads are not required for the creation of cartoon avatars.

    7. Cartoon Photo

    Convert photos to cartoons, create a caricature or an avatar using a photo from Cartoon Photo.

    Upload your portrait photo and you can get amazing face transformations: facial morphing, facial expression changes, and facial animation. Free of charge, you can add realistic emotions to a person’s face, create a caricature effect and convert a comic-face photo into an avatar or cartoon.

    8. Custom South Parks

    Are you addicted to South Park? This is the perfect avatar maker for South Park characters. You can create custom South Park characters or anime characters, and then share them. Another service that allows you to create South Park avatars is this.

    9. Cartoonize.Net – Create Realistic Avatars From Photos

    This is the easiest way to add cartoon effects to photos. Upload the photo you wish to create an avatar or type the URL of an image online.

    After the effect has been applied, you will be able to download your avatar photos in JPG format.

    10. OSOQ

    OSOQ is an acronym for Oh So Cute! It is another great option to create avatars from photos. It’s very easy to use and only takes a few clicks. OSOQ lets you create a story with your photos and offers the best animation tools.

    There are three versions available: Individual, Couple and Group. These amazing creations can be used to gift someone on their birthday, Christmas or other special occasion. This site also offers a great way to create custom cartoon designs at an affordable price for individuals, families, and teams.

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