Twitter to Rebrand Super Follows to Subscriptions

    Twitter’s “Super Follows,” which allows you to subscribe to specific users in order to access exclusive content, will now be called “Subscriptions.” Elon Musk announced the new feature on Thursday and noted that it can be found under the “Monetizations” section of the settings.

    Super Follows was first announced in February 2021 and from what we can see, Subscriptions has many of the same features. With Subscriptions you can charge your users to gain access to exclusive tweets and subscriber-only Spaces. You can also give them special badges. Twitter hopes that in the future, it will include “newsletters as well as other Twitter features.”

    This line about newsletters seems to be a direct attack on Substack’s “Notes”, a similar feature that was announced just last week . Twitter restricted Substack Twitter links, and even limited Substack Twitter engagement. However, these restrictions have since been lifted. It’s funny to hear Twitter talk about newsletters, when they shut down their own Revue tool only three months ago.

    Some of us at the Verge may be able apply to use subscriptions – if we tweet more. Clicking the three-dot menu, the “Professional Tools”, and “Monetization” dropped down, we found the initial details. From there, a box called “Subscriptions”, which briefly explains what subscriptions are, shows you how much money you could make each month, and allows you to check your eligibility, was available.

    You can also check if you are eligible to sell subscriptions by using the Subscriptions menu. The requirements include at least 500 subscribers, 25 tweets within the last 30 days or being at least 18-years-old. The company has a longer list of requirements listed on their support page. This includes that you must have 10,000 active followers in order to qualify.

    , according to Twitter, you can offer monthly subscriptions for $2.99, $9.99 or $4.99. You can only sell subscriptions as a US-based creator. However, Twitter users in the US and Canada, New Zealand and Australia are able to purchase them on iOS, Android and Twitter’s site. However, you can’t access subscriber-only material from the web.

    According to Twitter, creators who earn less than $50,000 can earn up 97 percent. Once a creator earns more than $50,000, the percentage drops to as low as 80 percent. According Musk Twitter will not keep any money that creators make through subscriptions in the next year.

    Google’s “Service Fees” page on Google Play says that the company charges 15% on subscriptions right from the start. The company’s auto-reply to our question on Twitter was a poop emoticon.

    Musk’s decision to roll out a re-skin of Super Follows is not surprising, as it’s likely easier than fulfilling the promises that he made in the past to creators. in February, he stated Twitter would begin sharing revenue from ads appearing in reply threads with creators. this still does not appear to be the case. He has also hinted that would be a creators fund and they’d receive “higher compensation ” for video and written content.

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