Why iPhone Pro Models Do Not Come in Cool Colors?

    Colors come and go in my life. I was pink as a child, then forest green through high school and university, and finally teal during my 20s. It was mint (or Sage,, as Google calls it). We don’t talk about that dark period. After I purchased the lavender beats fit pro last summer, I began my purple era.

    You can now see why I was so excited when Apple announced the iPhone 14 Pro would be available in purple. Sorry deep Purple. The battery on my iPhone 12 Pro Max was dying, and pacifica purple seemed like a good replacement.

    You’ve got to be kidding me, I was fooled.

    Is my iPhone 14 Pro Max technically a purple phone? Maybe. You can get it to look blue if you hold the camera at just the right angle and in the right light. It looks gray or blue 99.99% of the time. Purple is The color of royalty and grandeur. The color of disappointment is the grayish-blue phone that’s dressed up as purple. This phone wouldn’t pass the test if His Royal Purple Majesty was still around.

    Normaly, I’m only bothered by this for 10 minutes before moving on. Over the last few months I have slowly changed my desk mats, keycaps and backpacks to match my retro anime/vaporwave aesthetic. I’ve noticed that my phone is not purple enough. After talking to some other reviewers, I finally understood why.

    Pro Max is useful for my work. I’m able to leave my old Canon at home and still cover events. I don’t have any worries about grainy video, I have ProRAW as an option for editing, the battery should last me quite a while on busy days, etc. Would I have liked the 14 Pro Max purple color used on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 14 base models? Abso-freaking-lutely. To have a vibrant, rich color, I would have to choose a phone without all the features that I desire. It’s not fun to put functionality before style, but I did get this purple phone, didn’t I?

    It’s confusing. Apple was once associated with vibrant colors. The Bondi Blue iMac G3 that was in the computer lab of my elementary school lives in my mind to this day. Those colourful iPod commercials? My brain is seared with these songs. Elle Woods from Legally Blonde is also iconic. I was envious of her orange MacBook, as I was a Windows fanatic at the time. This orange laptop also made Elle stand out visually and in the narrative from her dull black laptop-carrying Harvard colleagues.

    This brings me to my original argument: Elle’s whimsical color choices did not make her less of a legal professional. This false dichotomy between vibrant colors and professionalism is not true.

    Not just phones. Would you prefer to purchase the MacBook Pro in silver or space gray? Trick question. You can choose between two shades of gray. The darker one is the cheaper option. The gold MacBook Air is more fun, but the Pro has beefier computing power. Womp womp. What about the iPad Pro? The iPad Pro is also limited to silver and space gray. If you want to be able to enjoy your gadget, then you’ll need to purchase the 10th generation iPad or 5th generation Air. The green Apple Watch Series 7,, is no different. The strap looks very green in our photos. The strap was a year-long commitment. It’s the same color as my phone. Apple Watches come with a variety of straps.

    Apple knows how to create vibrant, colorful products. It launched the iMacs with panache and flair. Six of the seven colors are , which is the color scheme that I hoped Apple would use again for its products. Silver is a respectable color for those places where fun is not allowed. If it had a slightly bigger screen and more ports, I’d buy it. I’m confident that my serotonin level would quadruple instantly.

    This is a small matter. I am one of the many people who put cases on their phones to protect them. Cases come in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs. We have to admit that there are some brave souls who walk the streets without a case. If that’s what the people want, they deserve a phone loaded with all the features.

    Apple is not the only one guilty of this. I have a beef with both Google and Samsung. The Pixel 7 comes in a funky color scheme of lemongrass, while the 7 Pro is a more muted hazel and bronze. It’s okay, but I might fall into a 1000-year slumber when I see another white or black phone. I like the coral pixel 7A but why are vibrancy only available on entry-level and midrange devices. You know how excited I was when I saw that the Galaxy Watch 5 comes in a silver-purple colourway? But then I wilted when I realized that the Watch 5 PRO, which I prefer on a functional level, only comes black and gray. The Pixel 7 is available in lemongrass, while the Pixel 7 Pro comes with a “colorful” version of a muted hazel or a bronzey copper

    In the end, I do not think that every gadget needs to be a neon-colored eye-searing. Silver, black, and white are all versatile colors. Dark or muted colors are appropriate for certain professions. In a courtroom, I wouldn’t be able to take seriously a lawyer wearing hot pink — Elle Woods or Saul Goodman both are HTML There are some professions that can benefit from bright colors . Fashion, design, arts, or really anything visual. In some professions like mine, a keyboard goblin dressed in a onesie with a rainbow can still be considered a professional.

    What I am saying is that I Googled “purple”, and found a listing of 140 shades., with names like heliotrope and dark byzantium. This list contains deep purple. I have compared it to my phone in various lighting conditions. I don’t think my phone is deep purple. If you happen to be a designer at a Big Tech company reading this and are pondering what colors to choose for 2024 or even 2025, then I would like to nominate the HTML

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